Sunday, December 5, 2010


I attended my first Georgetown cocktail party last night . . . OK it was up the street a bit from Georgetown but you get the drift . . . I met notable notables and people who stalk the corridors of power . . . I was introduced "this is Sean Linnane" and more than once I was astonished to hear people say, "Oh yes, I read your work."

"You DO?"

"Oh yes, we love you over at Frum Forum."

"Oh yeah, I get rave reviews." (If you've never lurked over there I encourage you to do so - the comments I get from the trolls that infest that site are a scream).

The crowd was populated with the Oh-hello-DAH-LINK-kisee-kissee-air-kiss-on-both-cheeks types - I guess they regarded me as some sort of barbarian from the outlying provinces (which is what I am); an interesting curiosity, like a talking dog.

"So what do you think of the Wikileaks thing?"

"Best thing that could have possibly happened."


"Oh HELL YEAH - now the word is finally out on the street that the Saudis couldn't care less about the Palestinians and the Israelis; what they're worried about is Iran, and why won't we do anything about it."

One guy surprised me with an incredibly insightful question: "Ok, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force - what's the difference and how are they related?"

I actually know a few of these Washington types - "Meg" Meghashyam Mali is from India. We share a common interest in Hinduism - he because he is Hindu and me because my personal philosophy and worldview embraces many of the principles of the Hindu religion. Anyway Meg and I were yucking it up, trying to charm the young ladies with Peter Sellers routines from one of the best movies ever made: The Party.

I don't know if the ladies appreciated our efforts - you've really got to see the film to appreciate the whole Birdie Num Num thing . . .

Good thing there wasn't an intercom nearby . . .

The Party is possibly the funniest film ever made; dry English wit meets Hollywood, pulled off by the genius of Peter Sellers. The whole premise of the plot - a clumsy, hapless Indian trying to make it in Hollywood single-handedly blows up the whole set to a Gunga Din remake, gets himself blacklisted, in the process of which his name gets added to the guest list for one of those high-end Los Angeles parties, and the insanity just takes off from there . . .

Anyway it sure was funny hearing a bona fide Hindu who speaks perfect English with no Indian accent, doing a Peter Sellers Indian accent. While we're talking of Meg Mali, it turns out he's a hero.

Which just goes to show, you never know where you'll find them . . .



  1. Yes. The Party is one of my very favorite movies. Peter Sellers was a comic genius. I also had a thing for Claudine Longet. Another of his hilarious movies was about a blue matador. And, of course, there was the bumbling Inspector Cleaseau films.

    BTW. It is fun being the barbarian at a gathering of pretentious self worshippers.

  2. So they haven't found the hole you cut in the fence yet, is what you're saying...

  3. When I think of you hangin out with the Blue Bloods, a talking dog certainly could describe the atmosphere. Kinda like a Bull Mastiff encouraging the religious implications of the Kama Sutra to a bunch of female French Poodles, with a motive.

    For me it was Peter Sellers in the movie "Being There", with Peter’s peculiar talents being ideally suited to the role of the idiot savant. He allows the Blue Bloods to craft themselves as the real idiots.....jd

  4. And Birdie num-num routine would impress the gals HOW?