Thursday, December 30, 2010


Alan Caruba sent me a link to his worthy blog Warning Signs:

Sean, you will want to read this post. Alan C.

PS. If you want to share it, be my guest.

Pfc Bradley Manning, A Warning Writ Large

Openly gay, despite the then-existing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that allowed him to remain in the Army, Manning had experienced rejection by a homosexual lover, declaring on his Facebook page that he was “livid” after being “lectured by ex-boyfriend.” . . .

. . . This is why the Armed Forces resisted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell when it was first foisted on them. From long experience, both military and civilian intelligence personnel knew and understood that homosexuals were particularly vulnerable to blackmail and, even as attitudes changed toward the gay and lesbian population, their emotional stability remained open to question . . .

. . . It is why today’s frontline Marines in combat do not want to rely on homosexuals in their units, but the military has become so politically correct over the years that even an unstable Muslim Army major was allowed to serve until he killed thirteen servicemen and women at Fort Hood . . .

An intriguing comparison, when one considers that the only crime worse than murder is treason.

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  1. I think he misses the mark by a lot. The reason why homosexuals in the modern era have been so susceptible to blackmail is because we have criminalized their lifestyle (or whatever term you find appropriate).

    For blackmail to work, there has been the threat of exposure of something you want kept secret. Pfc Manning was out in the rest of his life. The only part he, apparently, was not open in was the military.

    Take the homosexuality out of the situation, you have a soldier who has been jilted by their lover. This soldier is immature and self-absorbed in the extreme and chooses to commit what is arguable treason. Under that fact pattern, it could be a straight soldier.

    What Manning did has less to do with his sexual orientation and everything to do with the fact that he never learned to grow up and be a mensch.

  2. I don't know gut says that being homosexual signifies a less then stable mental condition...thereby fortifying your opinion that he never grew up. Kind of a "when you are gay you will also be unstable". Very similar to "having blue eyes; you will probably be blond"

    Yeah, yeah, I know not all PC and such but hey, I'm tired of HAVING to be PC. I want people to understand my position instead of condeming me.


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