Thursday, December 2, 2010


U.S. Army Unveils 'Revolutionary' XM25 Rifle in Afghanistan

This concept has been kicking around for a few decades now; now they've finally figured it out and fielded the thing . . .

My only question is where do you fix the bayonet ? ? ?


  1. That thing's got more electronics in it that a Hustler marital aid. How hardened is it against EMP?

  2. This is a grenade launcher, not a rifle.

  3. sykes.1 IIRC this was originally designed to be built as a unit with a new rifle. The thing looked like you were qualifying with a 2x4; it must have been a pain and a half to hump, let alone use.

  4. "where do you fix the bayonet???"

    You don`t have to when there is nothing left in front of you but rubble.

  5. It would be nice to hear what the troops using it have to say. After they get some time with it anyways. Like any weapons system I'm sure it will have its good and bad points but it would appear to be a good tool in the whack a mole game the current war seems to be. Will they have to get clearance from a JAG to use it?

  6. I'd rather carry my M-76 (recent guns show find) because that would mean I was also carrying an Emma of Fourteen...just saying. Whiz-bang stuff often breaks and I've got matchlocks that still work.

    Emmas are still sweeter than plastic things, as are their accessories.

  7. 10/15 secs between shots. WTF?
    That could be a liftime. 35k?
    Lets just issue off the shelf AR10s and open up the ROI.