Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was asked if I have any opinions or thoughts on the new nuclear START treaty - which looks like it will be ratified today - that it would be interesting to know if there is anything about the treaty that the media has missed.

Of course, this is predicated on the notion that I have actually READ the thing - and quite honestly over the past week-plus Daze of Confusion of moving into the new Villa de Tempest . . .

. . . I seem to have mislaid my courtesy copy of the treaty that the Senate shot over to me. So I consulted the greatest living American philosopher - Rush Limbaugh - and surprisingly enough his thoughts on the matter mirror mine exactly: any treaty with the Russians isn't worth the paper it's written on.

To quote the Great Ronaldus Magnus:

"Trust, but Verify . . ."

While we're on it, the same crowd was asking me to chime in on the whole Don't Ask Don't Tell scenario and I deferred - on the grounds that this is not directly related to national security - but just for the record let me say that I have no problem with homosexuals serving openly in the military . . .

. . . comment?



  1. Married Heterosexual couples cannot cohabitate or 'get together' while deployed.
    Hope all have to follow the same rules.
    I don't mind gays serving openly, but I do not want to see any overtly sexual conduct from anyone...of any persuasion. I think this might make some feel entitled to be all they can be in front of others.

  2. Oh - and Congress will need to remove sodomy as a crime punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice right away... article 125...Sodomy is defined in the Manual for Courts-Martial as “unnatural copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex.” Under the UCMJ, sodomy — which includes oral sex — is considered a criminal act, even among consenting adults and married couples.

    Sounds like lots of military personal are illegal right now anyway LOL

  3. Those cast iron grates are putting some lovely marks on those steaks!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas (please don't tell Nina Totenberg I said that).