Wednesday, December 15, 2010


DAY THREE of moving in - we're in but still no Internet or cable . . . I'm still cranking these posts out via DingleBerry . . . we still have two shipping containers to unload and a ton of stuff to go into every room of this place . . . I remember I bought my first house when I came back from Okinawa in 1993 for $65,000 and I thought it was a palace . . . at that time they were selling houses for $80,000 in my neighborhood and I thought I'd NEVER be in that league . . . Then when I came back from Stuttgart in '05 they were selling houses in my neck of the woods for $200,000 and I thought 'That's TOO MUCH to pay for a house!'

If you'd a-told me then what I was going to be paying for a house and could afford now, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

The funny thing is, it isn't that much bigger than that first place I bought back in '93. It IS a nice house though.

The other funny thing is a place I was SERIOUSLY considering was a trailer with a deck down by the river, for $50,000 . . . what Theo refers to as the Perfect Bloggers House . . . AND I could have lived 100% off my retirement . . .

HOKAY - I'm going to experiment with italics now . . . <i>can I embed html code when I post by email?</i> . . . <b>WE SHALL SEE . . .</b>


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