Saturday, December 18, 2010


Now they're saying the Internet & cable will be up & running tomorrow sometime.

Quite honestly I haven't missed it, except I can't post the Babes of Stormbringer on the backside link there - that's something I'll have to work on when the Good Ship Stormbringer finally pulls out of dry dock.

In the meantime hang in there - we had our best day ever this past Wednesday - almost 7000 site visits - still trying to figure out what the h*ll went wrong there . . .

Peace, Out

S. L.

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  1. Congrats on the 7000 site visit day! Thats still a lofty goal of mine, but still a stretch. Being on your 'nanosecond' certainly helped. Keep up the great work. We'll be here when the ship pulls into dock!

  2. I'm sure we'll all expect great things to come out of your hiatus, when the good ship is back on an evan keel. Hope all is going well....jd