Thursday, January 20, 2011


PB4Y-1 BuNo 38892


This aircraft belonged to the commander of VPB-111 in late 1944 - Lt. Cdr. J.V. Barry was 'PPC'. The PBY4-1 also carried the AAF serial# 44-41279. It flew for the first time on July 1944, and was delivered to the Navy eight days later.

Derived from the B-24 bomber, the Consolidated PB4Y Privateer was deployed on long-range anti-shipping and anti-submarine patrols. It helped to close the "Atlantic Gap" and was able to provide air support in areas that had been previously out of reach from both US and British shores.

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  1. My Dad was the nose gunner in a similar plane. His had a front turret with twin 50 cals. I'll send a photo via email. Reply to