Sunday, January 23, 2011



A war of words has broken out between Michael Yon and Jim Hanson (who blogs over at Blackfive under nom-de-plume Uncle Jimbo) and Michael Yon earlier this week over on A number of bloggers and readers quickly defending the side of Uncle Jimbo after seeing some of the Michael Yon rants.

"Uncle Jimbo" Hanson and Michael Yon

This isn`t the first time; back in April 2010 a battle between Michael Yon and several milbloggers took place after negative comments Michael made about General McChrystal on his Facebook page.

The current war of words doesn`t look like it`s going to end anytime soon; over 100 comments have already been posted on a story that was published Friday. The post has become a verbal battleground for Uncle Jimbo, Michael Yon, and a number of other prominent bloggers and readers.

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Comment: Uncle Jimbo and I know each other from Okinawa; we re-established contact around the time I retired from active duty and into what I do now, and just about the same time STORMBRINGER kicked off. He is what he says he is . . . S. L.

Uncle Jimbo posted a story this past Saturday called The Last Spiderbender - a cautionary tale about the dark side of Public Affairs - well worth the read.



  1. Maybe it's just from my perspective but it seems the only time Yon gets attention in the milblogging world is if he's shit talking someone. I stopped following Yon after the McChrystal fiasco.

  2. My personal take on Michael Yon: he hangs out with the orificers - then he squawks and moans when they inevitably stab him in the back. He is a Special Forces NCO; he should know better.

  3. I just feel with the way Yon presents his information on his facebook, he kind of comes off as pompous and self-righteous. Wasn't he supposed to be back in Afghanistan in late 2010?