Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Another of my heroic road trips - enroute back to PA now from a weekend trip down to North-by-God- Carolina; I'm returning with one extra crewmember, to make up for our loss, last October:


Lil' Bit is a Shep-mix bitch, closest thing to a wolf I could find. She's remarkably like a dog I had about fifteen years ago; my Bowser was a Chow-Pit / Shepard-mix who was as smart as a whip and strong as an ox. Bowser went to a lady doctor when my two little ones came along and Mrs. Stormbringer wasn't comfortable with a four-legged killing machine patrolling the premises.

Welcome aboard, New Meat! You can bunk over there; get settled in, your training starts in the a.m.


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  1. That is a good puppy! You don't want anything like a wolf....trust me on that. They would eat your wife or kid for lunch; nasty beasts, even the hybrids. Sounds like the Mrs. has some sense!

  2. I diagree...my neighbor had a Husky-Wolf mix. I loved that Dog. There wasn't a mean bone in his body. He was rather unruly though. Very large, strong headed, clumsy and a little goofy. He would never hurt a child. He was a true friend of mine. In fact he scared away some burgulars (kids) one day without even coming over the fence. They were later caught by the police.

  3. Shepherd - the best choice! Years to train, but no finer watch/protector on the planet! My Shiloh Shepherd, Sparta, sends congrats!