Thursday, January 20, 2011


Did you see the new member of the team?

I chose her carefully; she LOOKS like she's part wolf, part groundhog but the truth is she's Shepard / Labrador mixed with something else. You can see she has a sable coat, with a black stripe going down her back.

Let me tell you, yesterday when I rocked up to the Hacienda with Pupster there draped across the front of my saddle; I was the Hero of Ten Thousand Psychic Wars

I know she'll be good with kids - I know because I met her mother - and I know she'll grow up to be a GREAT member of the team; already she's takin' no stuff from Tiny the Jack Russell Terrorist.

Reason I'm telling her story twice here in STORMBRINGER is because she's got three sisters and a brother just like her back down there in North Cackallacky, looking for good families - or maybe a working dog position.

If you're interested in being adopted by one of these amazing Wonder-Pups, click over there to the right to contact me and it'll be my pleasure to put you in touch.

In our family we've always had mixed-breeds and we've always had the best of luck with them.

Maybe you will, too.

Let me know,

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  1. Sean, I am big on mixed breeds as well. I also look for the Runt of the litter. They tend to be the most loyal companion you can ask for. We have a Pomeranian right now that was the runt and she is fierce on her ground, which is the whole 2500 square foot hacienda here in the Swamp.

    But she came to us as a pup and learned her trade from another runt mixed breed. A Black Lab, Australian Healer mix who turned out to be the best friend I ever had. It's been 6 years since Jack passed and I miss him dearly.

    Take care of Lil Bit, I am sure she will turn out Great!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. My daughter and SIL came back from a 15 month deployment in Iraq a few years back. After being apart from each other and use to commanding troops whose lives depended on them 24/7, they each tried to 'be in charge of' each other. Not good.
    I suggested a dog. SIL wanted a Lab.. daughter wanted a German Shepherd. Both needed a dog who thought he was a person and would not want to stray (no fence).
    I found a GS/Lab mix off of Craigslist whose owner had recently deployed, and his new owner wanted an outside dog - not another 'person' in the house.
    Perfect dog...great mix. Hope they all find great homes.