Friday, January 21, 2011


I've got an early morning appointment with a mountainside and there's three inches of fresh snow all over everything out there, so sorry there's no Friday Filly today - I'll make it up to you tomorrow I promise - and today's post is a retread; AMERICAN ARROGANCE by Michael Yon -

By the way, Fox News got it wrong; it's EX-Special Forces not "Former" Special Forces. "Ex" is Latin for "out of" and this is the correct way to refer to a Green Beret no longer on active duty. There ARE former Green Berets out there but these are the ones who have been removed from Special Forces under less than honorable circumstances.

Michael Yon is an honorable representative of the Special Forces community; he documents his adventures on his site:

I proudly endorse Michael here at STORMBRINGER.

Anyway, on to Michael's post of 13 December, 2010:

There have been many comments about American arrogance.  During my travels to 48 United States and over 50 countries - most of those states and countries multiple times - some themes have emerged.

There is a pervasive sense in the United States that we are THE best.  I've seen this in four other countries: Canada, France, India, and China. While many Americans think they/we are THE best in the world (whatever THE best might be to the thinkers of those thoughts), significant numbers of Canadians and French will inform you they are superior to Americans (and to Germans and Brits), while Indians and Chinese are superior to all of us.  Oh, and don't forget Israelis who have a tendency to burst out saying they have the "Most moral country in the world!" Israelis also say, "We have the most moral Army in the world!"  Wasn't so long ago that the Germans were likewise self-convinced . . . 


For what its worth the ones I avoid like the plague when I'm traveling are the Australians. I hear an Australian accent in a tourist environment and its time to don the Cloak of Invisibility . . .
- S. L.

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  1. Funny ... before "Once a Marine, always a Marine." really became literal, we who had Honorable Discharges referred to ourselves as "Former Marines". The only "ex-Marines" were folks like Murtha... Boat Guy

  2. OK Sean, so what's your problem with Australians?