Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has a great firearms training program going. They have an incredible blog, they do great things in the name of marksmanship training and weapons safety.

As a small arms trainer/instructor for over twenty-two years, my area of expertise is combat pistol marksmanship. I am a strong advocate for instructing civilians in weapons safety and firearms training in general, and I believe the essence of the Second Amendment is an armed citizenry, ready and able to provide for the common defense.

A disclaimer, however; I am not affiliated in any way with Front Sight - although given the opportunity I would participate in their operation in a heartbeat. I hope that I may find the time & wherewithall to become involved, even if it means simply participating as a student - then I may properly endorse Front Sight.

It is within this theme that I present Front Sight's material here, and hopefully the opportunity will come to learn more about their operation.

These guys aren't part of Front Sight but I slid them in here because of the terrific accent, and there is some value to what the guy is saying:

He talks about doing a pause before you shoot - we used to call it "taking that thousandth of a second pause to actually aim before you pull the trigger." I know - what a concept, right?

Now back to Front Sight - this bird is terrific as well:



  1. SL - you forgot the 'Treat Your Women Right' video which shows WHY you men should have your gal get professionally trained, rather then teach them yourself.
    Funny stuff...

  2. This is cool stuff. We were just talking about firearms training last night. I am going to send someone here to look at this. Can you post that womens video notastepford mentioned?

  3. ya know, she's fine looking, but I generally suggest that women who are THAT topheavy wear a higher neckline to prevent the "hot brass titty dance".

    Having said that, I'd not kick her out of bed.....

  4. Dunno bout Front Sight, as I've heard both good and bad but not attended personally.
    I sent Bride to Thunder Ranch for "Urban Rifle" where she had a great time and is now very competent with her M4. She had such a good time (and felt bad that I "...just filled magazines and didn't get to shoot at all") that we're both going for pistol.
    Thunder Ranch does have classes specifically for women but many women (such as Bride) opt to just be included in a regular class.
    The trainer I recommend on the east coast is John Murphy at FPF Training.
    Like you, I've trained a LOT of people (and trained with some of the same people you have), but the one person I'd never attempt to train is my wife.
    Boat Guy