Thursday, January 27, 2011


Snow & ice storm - power just went out just as I got home. Thank God we made the woodburning stove Priority #1 - that's about all we've got, though. This storm increased while I was away at work - didn't have time to stock up on water for toilet flushing, etc. - I'll have to melt snow - not an easy task.
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  1. Admin comment from northern Maine.......keep your old gallon milk jugs and fill at least 10 with water for flushing, and keep them in the basement. Buy a few gallon jugs of water for drinking. Also...get two canning boilers ( giant pots that hold 7 quart canning jars) for melting snow, etc. in, or for heating boiling water on your wood stove. If you buy a hand pump for your well, and it is close to the house, you can buy a garden hose and pump water into your bathtub. Add two canning boiler pots of hot water off your wood stove and you have the perfect hot tubby for Mrs. Stormbringer!

  2. I believe there's an FM for melting snow. You can probably skip the first 30 pages.