Saturday, August 14, 2010


Good Morning Team:

As you peruse through the information presented here, let me direct your attention to that motorcycle advertised for sale to the right over there, in between




2008 HD CVO Screamin' Eagle Softtail Custom.

The bike belongs to a personal friend, it is in mint condition with less than a thousand miles on it. It's a good deal . . . It has been brought to my attention that there may or may not be something wrong with the link - it requires a monthly update, apparently - so I'll work it. If you cannot connect with the owner, email me and I'll assist.

as my personal adventure in blogging continues, some of you may have noticed that I have cracked the code on type font & size. I'm considering changing over to Courier to give the blog a more military "feel". I believe that font is very important in that it eases strain on the eye;

is kind of rustic and a bit rough around the edges,

is very business like,

Times New Roman seems to work the best for readership.

Let me know your personal feelings on the subject . . .

FORMAT DEPT: There is very little or no format to Blog STORMBRINGER - I just throw stuff out there, mostly military related but not always. I back off on most of the political stuff, except where it intersects with National Security, or the assault on the ethics, values and morals of our great Western culture and civilization (which is an almost daily occurrence nowadays). You guys have been great at sending me stuff, to the point that my inbox overflows on a daily basis; at this point if I could post it all - one post per day - it would take over a year. Between work & projects I am so overwhelmed at this time, I think I'm down to posting about 10 percent of what you send. I appreciate everybody's contributions - it's just that I am so seriously constrained by time these days. Having said that . . .


"It's all good!"

EYE CANDY DEPT: This is a popular feature, so I'll up the frequency although maybe not quite to Theo's excellent standards. (BTW that babe in the purple slingshot - I located that one and sent it to the British Hero).

Serious inquiries for that Harley Davidson MIGHT enter you in the running for this bird.

Meanwhile the ladies have been making noises in this department - predictably enough - and while I'm not quite comfortable in my manhood to be posting beefcake photos, every now and then something pops up of suitable cultural significance for me to post. So this one's for you Ladies, even my mother used to drool over him . . .

THIS . . .

IS . . .


The Welsh Warbler rates high on the STORMBRINGER Pantheon of Real Men

CULTURE DEPT: It's been awhile since I featured some music on STORMBRINGER so here's a favorite tune from my groin-grinding and groping teenage years in the Glorious Seventies, enjoy:

Please forgive the goofy video juxtapositions - music video was in it's infancy in the late Sixties / early Seventies - those of you who were there and can actually
REMEMBER will appreciate.

The series on the Phony Wannabe William Clark produced the single highest amount of visits in a single day since the establishment of Blog STORMBRINGER almost eighteen months ago. The Saga of the Sorry Sack O' Sh*t has developed into a fascinating phenomenon in and of itself: last seen boarding a ferry from Alaska to Washington state a little over twenty four hours ago. LE has expressed an interest in the Walrus of Worthlessness so we've morphed into essentially conducting a tracking operation - via the electronic medium of the Internet. As with any tracking operation I must counsel patience; the track will go cold, but we can keep up the search - America's warrior class is on high alert, across the nation.

DISCLAIMER DEPT: Seeing as STORMBRINGER has evolved into some kind of Presence:

I have the civic responsibility of cautioning safety in any dealings with the Phony Wannabe William Clark. Likewise I am not actually calling for civil disturbance with the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque:

I do not actually suggest that someone unleash a truckload of live hogs through what is essentially an al Qaeda Victory Monument - nor do I advocate such an act. I'm merely saying it might be a good way to get the party started. Maybe. Possibly.

Keepin' It Real . . .




  1. Sean, has a great blog. Informative, fun and always entertaining. We are a proud supporter and look forward to each and every posting. Couldn't help but see the eye candy above and thought about a line of military figurines that can be found at where very sexy and military often collide. Keep the posts coming Sean. We love them!

  2. SL- link didn't work with my PC. E-hit me at frankiecee at gmail dot com.

  3. Just a few words on fonts. Then I will post the article I found that seems to sum it up. Remember, all computers don't have the same fonts. For instance, Mac may not reveal the same Courier as you see. Some computers may not have the font at all.

    There is a common urge by developers to try to make it "better", or "cooler". This can become cluttered and problematic. Well seasoned developes use a simple rule to make it work well for everyone. It's called KISS..."Keep It Simple Stupid".

    Sans-serif fonts are those fonts that have no "serifs": the little hooks on the end of the letters. If you've taken any print design courses you've probably been told that you should only use sans-serif for headlines. This is not true for the Web. Web pages are intended to be viewed by Web browsers on computer monitors. And computer monitors don't have as good of resolution as paper. This means that when your readers view a page of serif font on the screen, the little serifs all blur together and start making the text harder to read.

    Always use sans-serif fonts for your Web page main copy.

    Some examples of sans-serif fonts are:

    •Lucida Sans
    Verdana is a font family that was actually invented for use on the Web.

  4. Sean, My vote is for the "sans-serif" fonts. Arial seems to be the most used, find it everywhere in emails and web documents. Courier, yes, is a bit rough and even the Times New Roman comes across somewhat cold and formal. Actually my favorite is trebuchet mainly because of the weapon it represents.

    On another note, my son believes he has seen the obese scumbag Clark wandering around gun shows in the Portland OR area. Probably wants to make a move, get across the border for whatever sleazy fantasy he is acting out (kinda like that TV series "The Prisoner", Patrick McGoohan against the world.) My own thought, wouldn't take too much to manipulate the guy into behavior that requires lethal force to defend ones' self. That's me and my thinking; I do not reccommend it to anyone that hasn't done this sort of thing before. There are of course other ways to make the guy's life miserable, material and monetary damage come to mind. That would be more fun.