Friday, August 6, 2010


A few administrative notes, and a cooking special with an Italian chef I've never heard of because I only watch football anymore . . .

I finally cracked the code on how to make the pictures bigger so over time I'm going to go back and make them bigger. Make a mental note, if there were any works of art or nice scenery you recall from past posts, go back from time to time, I will be making them bigger. Starting with the works of art, and the scenery.

OK I like to cook, there's some kind of new cooking show on TV apparently, with this interesting Italian bird I never heard of who reminds me of my Latin teacher, Augusta Mussolini . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen . . .


( drum roll )

Denise Milani ! ! !

Ta Da ! ! !

EMBED-Denise Milani Makes a Chicken Salad - Watch more free videos

Talk about a work of art, and scenery . . .

. . . actually for those of you who follow Theo, I got this off his site. What cracked me up was THIS comment:

Eric said . . .

Never heard of Denise Milani, so I looked her up on Wikipedia. It seems her entry there has been deleted by the editors due to "no assertion of notability".

Er . . . what's NOT notable about that rack?


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  1. Czech Republic actually ,her original name was Jacobi.