Monday, August 16, 2010


This is the ongoing saga of Army physician Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin:

‘Birther’ Doc Charged With Disobeying Orders

August 06, 2010
Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- An Army doctor has been charged with disobeying orders after failing to show up for duty in Afghanistan and questioning whether President Obama has the right to order him there.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is scheduled to be arraigned Friday at Fort Belvoir, Va.

The Greeley, Colo., native did not report to Fort Campbell, Ky., in April to prepare for deployment.

This is disobedience, and worse. For a field grade officer to be seen flagrantly disobeying orders borders on instigating mutiny. Whether Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, in Kenya, or on Mars is besides the point; the system is set up to make the call on it. There is no strength or honor in falling on one's sword like this.




  1. I am inclined to say, knowing this guy has an impeccable service record and has done his time in the past, and knowing that this guy is an AMEDD officer, which gives him a bit of neutrality in terms of the whole greater combat situation, to ask this question;

    While most of us would weigh our duty to our fellow warriors, saddle up and deploy, why should we question a warrior, who up until this time has served faithfully, yet when looking at the same oath we took, which says that we must protect the Constitution, asks for confirmation that what he is being ordered to do is lawful?

    He is not a maneuver commander, there are plenty of docs to deploy and he is demanding something that every American should have proof of, and I might add, was demanded of from John McCain at one time.

    I am inclined to respect this man's principles. He has never said that he doesn't believe the president was born in the USA. All he has ever asked for is confirmation that the CinC holds legitimate office before he deploys, again.

    We hung men 70 years ago who just followed orders.

    For this man, that history means something.

    Again, I am not pro or con on this one, I am just saying that this officer is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He is willing to sacrifice a faithful career and a decorate combat history for the sake of being assured that he is actually following lawful orders and frankly, his position challenges all of us who were the uniform and who are sworn to defend the Constitution, including Article II Section I.

    We notice that he is not being charged with anything other than missing movement and dereliction of duty for not showing up at the war. Nobody is touching any charges associated with the core matter of his complaint.



  2. I'm not with you on this one Stormbringer.

    The Numerberg Trials settled the question of whether a soldier should follow illegal orders. If the prez is illegal then wouldn't his orders be illegal too?

    Why is it so hard for Obama to show his stinking Birth Certificate?

    How about the matter of him using multiple SS Numbers?

  3. I have to say I am torn on this issue. Following orders is one thing and the core of military bearing. However, the American people want officers who who will think about what orders are being given.

    As for the system, it is broken when Obama can hide behind the courts and refuse to provide the most basic documents, like the ones need to enlist in the military. Their is something very wrong about all of this mess, and even though this officer might not be totally right in his method, one wonders why other federal employees are not coming out and asking the same Question.

    If the threat to a retirement benny is so bad as to silence men for such a simple thing, it is poison and must be reformed. Not to mention the terrible fear that a payment is enough to stifle objection to possible tyranny.

    I won't risk my pension, so I will follow an illegal order that the higher ups have ok'ed?

    I won't risk my pension, so I will follow orders and OK the shooting of civilians after a stolen election?

    I won't risk my pension, so I will follow orders and OK the round up of the President's political enemies and deliver them to interment camps?

    A mental exercise for sure, but one that those "just following orders" never bothered to think about...And the fact that a light Col. is asking them instead of the chief of staff is very troubling.

    Of course, Mc Crystal was a warning to the flags not to question the first Kenyan...

  4. Hey man,

    The doc. is a patriot,I think he deserves an answer,we let the government slide too much,this is a good place to start as any to get the gov. accountable.To clean house start from the top work down.If the pres is not legit then then the hole system is unsound,this is not good in these times.....


  5. It almost doesn't matter. If the charge is missing movement or simple UA, the verdict is a slam dunk. The elements of the offense are simple and nearly bulletproof. The word weasels can argue over whether or not the orders were legal but there is a surefire reason the charge of opportunity (UA/MM) is there - easy conviction. I doubt you'll find a board of members that will engage in jury nullification.

  6. I'd have to disagree with you on this one.

    I went into situations prepared to lay down my life and even risked my career a few times to stand on principle to carry out orders or stand on principles that at the time were not politically correct.

    If we can lay down our lives for our country and principle we can most certainly lay down our careers.

    There are tens of millions of Americans who have not recieved a satisfactory answer on this - and unfortunately with the previous court rulings on this we are not in a position to do anything about it. So since we yet await proof of an answer, it fallss on one of America's soldiers - a non-combatant officer at that - who's willing to stand on principle and risk his "life" for something he believes in that stands at the heart of our founding: "Honesty."

    Bravo Zulu and Huzzah to him!

    I wish him God Speed.

    And we are only bound to follow lawful orders.

  7. Sean,
    I found this site today and don't know its validity but, here is:


    As we've said before (see related stories box below) we don't have a dog in this fight. To go up against Obama and his media allies on the birth certificate question is a losing proposition. Others have tried (remember MAJ Stefan Cook?) and all have failed.

    LTC Terrence Lakin, the decorated Army doctor and veteran of combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is throwing away his pension for nothing. No way is he going to force the White House to put to rest once and for all the troubling question of whether or not the present "commander-in-chief" is even eligible to be President of the United States.

    While we wouldn't put anything past Mr. "Real Hope and Change," it seems to us it makes more sense to just vote him out of office like Carter was after four years of failure. So far, all the well-meaning "Birthers" have accomplished is to become perceived in the public eye as a bunch of "crazies," tilting at a windmill. As much as we admire Lakin's willingness to sacrifice 18 years of outstanding military service, refusing a deployment order until he sees Obama's real birth certificate, odds are, the colonel's efforts are doomed.

    here is the rest of the story.

    Since I've just found this site, I'm curious to see what else it says about other topics. It could be a good source or, another stoopid disgruntled conspiracy geek. We'll see.....jd

  8. American Dividers,

    President Obama is the United States President, PERIOD!! The CIA, FBI, and the Secret Service all done background checks on him, before he became President. A LTC in the Army doesn't command anything from the Commander in cheif. Note: The LTC is also saying to his whole Military Chain, they are wrong ans misinformed. Stop the hidden agendas and move this Great Country forward!

  9. American dividers? Stop the hidden agendas? Oh great, another conspiracy theorist……. Bullshit!!!

    First of all, you should know your audience before running the risk of being perceived as having an alligator’s mouth and a canary’s ass. There is nothing YOU can teach this audience regarding our opinions of this President. We know who he is and what he is. Long after he's gone, we'll be cleaning up his mess. It's becoming very reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's mess and hidden agendas which we're still dealing with. Especially that one in Iran......

    Otherwise, if this LTC decides to fall on his sword over this issue then so be it. It’s his career, and his decision. Contrary to what you think, being an officer or an NCO in the US Military doesn’t mean we check our personal decision making processes at the door. He understood the consequences and made his decision. I respect him for that, whether I agree with him or not. As for what the alphabet soup background checks did or didn't find regarding Obama, I seriously doubt you know more or less than anyone else, and I suspect much less than you think.

    Ultimately, just know that in order to move this great country forward, as you suggest. The growing majority in this country now believe this means surviving the next 2.5 years of this knucklehead's transformative changes and hidden agendas, and the many years it will take to repair whatever he's touched.....jd

  10. stormbringer:

    i respectfully disagree with your position.

    others have set the arguments out in their comments above, no reason for me to merely repeat what they have said.

    i will add this.--

    the officer will attempt to put into issue the legitimacy of the order directing him to report for duty, on the basis that the president of the united states has no authority to issue it, having been illegally elected.

    in all likelihood, the court marshall board will not allow him to make such a defense, ruling that it is not material and relevant to the determination of the issue at hand. they will assume the integrity of the chain of command.

    what the good doctor is hoping for, is that he will at least be allowed to make a "proffer of the evidence" that he would like the court marshall to consider.

    he knows he will likely be refused.

    he knows this, almost as surely and you and i. he knows he will be convicted, and he knows the consequence.

    i, for one, admire him his courage and wish him well.

    stormbringer, his was the exact same decision and thought process that all who have ever answered the call to duty, all who stepped off landing craft into enemy fire, ... , that all all faced, and that in the past most have resolved by accepting the legitimacy of those who gave the orders to give them, and of the orders themselves.

    this man in good conscience has not been able to resolve the issue in favor of obama's legitimacy. i for one, support him, and wish him well.

    he is not the first to perform this analysis. it is just our good fortune that in our nation's history most leaders have been such that person's in the doc's position have been able to accept the legitimacy of those who occuppied office and the chain of command, regardless of political difference. and, so they obeyed.

    this analysis always occurs. it is not the analysis or the questioning that is to be feared, it is the fact of a person, who being in the white house, does not stand up to the rigor of the inquiry.

    john jay

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