Thursday, August 12, 2010


It must be the time of the year for it or something . . . this one is all over the Internet . . . it came to my attention when I was inspecting that Site Meter for where all these
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07/13/10 Mark Seavey

An elected official blatantly lies about his military service and walks free, while an honest man must deplete his checking account to prove the truth . . .

Calumet Park, Illinois Mayor Joseph DuPar lied in writing that he recieved the Medal of Honor

Joseph DuPar is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army who served for 11 months and 26 days in Vietnam with the 664th Ordnance Company out of Fort Hood, Texas. Last year, in his Election for Mayor against challenger Abe Wilson, DuPar’s campaign issued a flyer touting his candidacy under the “Continued Progress Party,” which included a short biography, some professional affiliations, and the obligatory promises should he be elected. But it is one sentence on that flyer that has the mayor and his opponent heading to court, and perhaps not for what you might think. The sentence read:

“As a Sergeant in the military, I received the Medal of Honor with (4) Bronze Stars for my Leadership.”

Read the rest of this jerk's outrageous claims here.

Abe Wilson, who lost in the election of April, 2009, states in response to a defamation lawsuit filed by DuPar that the mayor violated the Stolen Valor Act, a federal law signed in 2006 that made it illegal to lie about military honors. Those convicted face up to a year in jail or a fine of as much as $100,000.

On July 21, Abe Wilson will have to report to court to respond to charges of defamation for pointing out to the voters of Calumet Park that Mayor DuPar was lying through his teeth. Felicia Frazier, the lawyer who filed the law papers with blatantly fabricated “facts” will likely escape any repercussion for her false filing. Mr. Wilson won’t be able to dodge his legal bills with such dexterity.

Tell us all about it there, Audie Murphy

DuPar’s military records have been obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration; predictabley, they do not list the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest decoration.

Victoria Kueck, director of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, confirmed DuPar is not a Medal of Honor recipient.

“We only have 91 living recipients,” and there’s an archived file on each one since the Civil War, Kueck said.

To date DuPar, 69, has declined to show his medals or discuss them, and his attorney has not respond to requests to set up a meeting to view DuPar’s medals.

One man - an honest Marine who felt called to public service - has a date with a judge; the other gained his seat of power via publication of false heroics and yet continues to be the mayor of an Illinois town. This is how the legal system is owned, operated and manipulated by the Democrats in crooked Cook County, Illinois . . .

. . . that's okay - what goes around comes around. In the meantime Mayor Joe DuPar, STORMBRINGER has something special for YOU



  1. It takes a special kind of asshole to lie on such a grand scale. I'll never know how any vet can think to dishonor himself and other vets with such lies.

  2. it's not like anyone can find that info easily, like a birth-certificate....

  3. I just posted your story on my website to help spread the word.

  4. Even without the medal of honor claim, as he was most likely a non-college-educated draftee, how do you make Sarge in under a year??? When I was thinking about joining up before a health condition made me unable to enlist, the recruiter was telling me I MIGHT get to be an E-6, because I was a college educated person who already had technical training in welding and mechanics. All my friends in the service told me the recruiter was blowing smoke.

  5. Thanks for the help. We need to keep these dirtbags in our sights because they might say or do anything. And, we need to be right there to correct them. (Even if the U.S. Attorneys do nothing but close their eyes).

    The Gunny, USMC (Ret.)

  6. Over the last two years, once a week, I have published the citations of every living MoH recipient. I can guarandamntee you that Joseph DuPar's name isn't on that list.