Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday's post HOW TO SPOT A FAKE VETERAN generated a LOT of interest and gave me my largest hit count in months. It seems the Walrus of Worthlessness is a little more than your average garden-variety poseur.


To hotel and restaurant owners and staff, and other merchants: if you encounter this individual, avoid confrontation with Clark Williams - do what you've got to do to stall him (situation dictating) then contact law enforcement as soon as possible - the FBI apparently has an interest in Clark William's activities.

Amongst emails received concerning this piece of sh*t was a disturbing transmission from an investigator working with local law enforcement - name & jurisdiction withheld - on a possible case regarding Clark, who urged me to contact the FBI.

After I replied that I was merely re-transmitting the original report posted on the GeorgiaPacking comments board, I did a little homework.

Gizmo did a good job of getting front and side profile shots of this heffalumpagus largus.

Clark Williams is an accomplished con artist, active as far back as 1996; in the wake of the TWA Flight 800 disaster this imposter directed air traffic for 2 1/2 days at the Coast Guard Complex in East Moriches (Long Island), New York.

Williams was present at the 2002 bridge collapse disaster on the Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma. After "taking charge", involving himself in recovery efforts and muddling with the investigation, Williams left town without paying a $900 bill for eight motel rooms which he charged to the U.S. government; quite an accomplishment for a guy with no official military ID - who knows what kind of plastic he's throwing around.

During this same time period, Williams also convinced a car dealership in Searcy, Arkansas to give him a pickup truck after identifying himself as a Special Forces captain and saying he needed a truck to transport supplies to the bridge site. He left with a red pickup worth $10,600. Employee Mike Milligan said the man's manner was very convincing.

Can somebody (discreetly) run those plates and let us know what kind of car Phony Baloney is tooling around in?

AND he has a rap sheet; Clark Williams is a convicted felon - five years for impersonating a U.S. officer - an unusually severe sentence. This goes to show how seriously the Federal government regarded this individual's activities while interfering with the recovery operations and official investigation of the 2002 bridge collapse. Complicating factors in this misadventure included attempting to cross into Canada in a stolen vehicle with a firearm in the back seat; he was charged in Ontario, Canada with fraud, theft, weapons and immigration charges.

Prior convictions include a three-year prison term for theft of services and passing bad checks.


Williams' delusions of granduer go beyond trying to talk up chicks with phony war stories. At some point he apparently reported to the Russian Embassy that he was part of a plot of US government black operators to assassinate the Russian President. Williams has claimed he hears voices, memory loss, and hints at some sort of "mind control" activity to cover "black ops" to explain his total failure to remember calling the Russian Embassy.

Regarding his penchant for wearing military fatigues, Williams has claimed "they're comfortable, and they attract women." That MIGHT have worked for him ten or fifteen years ago before his sidebar career as a sock puppet in the federal correctional system - but nowadays even baggy DCUs can't hide that gi-NORmous dunlap of his.

Special Forces officers don't wear the unit crest on their beret, they wear officer rank there. Also, the "combat patch" (right shoulder) does not include the Special Forces tab - last time I looked they weren't conducting the "Q" course in combat zones - and a double star on a CIB would indicate service in Vietnam, Gulf War I and the current GWOT.


A confused individual like this can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous; especially if he senses the "end of the road" is approaching for his career of deception; i.e. the guy is getting too old and too fat too pull off the Special Forces officer act. Unless you are a seasoned combat vet with a sharp eye and quick hands, I strongly urge any and all persons to AVOID putting this guy on the spot.

I would LOVE nothing more than a STORMBRINGER post featuring this piece of sh*t in handcuffs on his way to the Big House for dishonoring the uniform and reputation of United States Army Special Forces.




  1. Bad JuJu goes around and comes around....

  2. Where was this guy seen last?


  3. wounder how good we really are think we could track and supply updated intel on this subject. maybe if we produce the case the feds will do something. skullhead

  4. God bless you for your efforts... every Douche like this off the streets somehow feels like we restore some sense of honor to our failed brothers in arms.

  5. Sorry.. typo " Fallen " not failed my bad fat fingers...

  6. Amen brother. Thank you for posting a great story about someone defrauding the good name an reputation of the "Quiet Professions" which he is clearly not part of.

    Stay Frosty.

  7. As always ,Sean, you shed light on this dark world,...
    Honor to those whom are Honorable, shame ,and contepmt on those who are not.

  8. Sean, I got a place for this scumbag:

    six foot East and West and six foot perpendicular.

    Of course, the penalties of the Obligations would be just and proper too. Hmm, bowels burned to ashes ...yeah, I kinda like that one.

  9. Why didn't the Canucks bury him under a jail???

    They aren't much gun friendly, even if you're a a stolen vehicle too!

  10. Sean, one other thing the fraud forgot on his uniform patches......that Airborne tab that is supposed to go right above the arrowhead and right under the Ranger tab. That the fraud put the Special Forces tab on the right shoulder and not the proper Airborne tab would have been the very first thing that would have set my radar off on this punk.

  11. Thanks for the good work, brother. It amazes me how so many folks still see "Stolen Valor" cases as victim-less crimes. This guy dishonors everyone who wears the uniform, and tarnishes our reputations. He needs to go away for good.


  12. minor nit: what's he doing with Missouri plates and a Travis AFB sticker if he's in the Army?

    a quick look at the Travis AFB website shows only AF units there....maybe a call to AF OSI might get some official interest.

  13. This guy was in the computer store I work at back on April 20th of 2010 in Davenport, IA. He paid for a $700 laptop with a check which subsequently bounced a week later.

    We had little or nothing to go on until finding this blog. We have also contacted the local police and the FBI regarding this new information.

    The bad name he is giving service men and women is more than enough reason for this waste of life to get what he has coming. From what I have read, he has been a con man since 1996 and has already been imprisoned for this once.

  14. Here is the result of us reporting him to our local new agency:

  15. He has been arrested in Deadhorse, Alaska on 27 Aug 2010 for doing more of the same stupid stuff he has done in the past.

  16. As a ex french egionnaire i have come across my men who say that they say have served with 2eme REP (2nd para) if every onewho say they have served with the prenamed it would be the biggest regiment in the world also i have seen so many arsholes wearing uniforms and medals that they have not earned
    it is a disgrace the the men and women who serve there country with pride

  17. First off, thank you for calling out this fake piece of shit for what he really is. Secondly, thank you for your service. I served on USS George Washington as a mass communications specialist as well as in port security detail, not as impressive as you sir, but I am proud I served non the less. Third, and this is based on my knowledge from my father and grandfather being in car sales since before I was born, I believe the car is a Geo Metro or a Ford Taurus from the 90's. That's my best guess from the look of the vehicle. I hope this helps and god bless you for calling out an oversized child on his b.s. and stripping him of the uniform my friends and brothers fought, protected, and died in and for.

  18. I was in the Coast Guard, and our boat was in charge of the bridge collapse in Oklahoma. He is incredibly convincing, and fooled numerous departments while he was there.