Thursday, August 12, 2010


Looks like you readers are coming through for ol' Uncle STORMY:

"I saw the VIN in one of the pics on your blog site. I ran what I believe is the VIN number: 2G1WL52M0W1118456 . . . "

Here's what we've got:

1998 Chevy Lumina, “Regal Blue Metallic” (which fits the pic).

Rear bumper with the chrome strip and “body line” running ¼ the way up from the bottom of the plate.

What we've got going here is an old-fashioned tracking operation - nationwide, and harnessing the electronic resources of the Internet . . .

However I must urge

We simply don't know how frustrated or desperate this beast has become - remember nothing is more dangerous than a cornered rat.

IF YOU ENCOUNTER WILLIAM CLARK - take note of his whereabouts and contact law enforcement as soon as possible. The FBI would like to have a conversation with this maggot.




  1. This may be the best series of posts on blog Stormbringer ... ever. I hope this puke gets what he deserves.

  2. How about a range of running for this sock puppet. I tried both phone numbers, first one was down, second rang through, (no answer), once then was not in service. That one was the same area code as Ft Bragg. Wonder if he'd be dumb enough to come down here to the N'west Panhandle of Florida....... He could try to "blend in", like in a bar, he'd be seen as 3 RANGERS, or in the woods, he would look like either a whole fire team, or an APC. I'll be watching. Don't know of any gun/knife/mil-spec shows coming to this area.
    Sure would like to see him in "The Gator" Lounge out at camp James E. Rudder. Put him in the sandpit for some futbol.

  3. A boot to the side of the knee would keep him occupied 'til the law showed up. Just saying. not advocating violence or anything. Them knees appear to be supporting a lot of weight and might not be in the best of shape.

  4. I just read over at "TAH" that he was seen leaving Alaska on a ferry to Washington.
    He'll be easy to spot; just look for the metallic blue old Lumina sedan that is leaning to the left. Jeezus, I would like to see the car, and put my "Oregon Boot" from Harborfreight importers, on it and watch him shit himself.

  5. Ol' Stormy, you know that even though a rat is most dangerous when it is cornered... Its Still just a RAT! Hence they made guys like us. You ever hear of the story about a rat taking down a pack of angry lions? Yea me neither. So with that being said IF, we (meaning the guys that are still young enough for this game) find or see this giant blob we'll be sure to send pics as he's hauled off in the WHaaambulance all zip tied up.
    and For reference i think 1000 of those hits came from my island!