Saturday, August 14, 2010


Simply stated: there are too many chiefs, not enough Indians . . . S.L.

Pentagon Cuts Worry Top Brass

Defense Secretary Robert Gates promises to slash spending; why not start with the armed services' 40 four-star generals and admirals?

The total number of active-duty generals and admirals has also increased by 13 percent since 1996. Of course when it comes to making cut backs and sacrifice, it's predictable how its all going to come out in the wash: one- and two- star generals and admirals will be forced into premature retirement, and rising colonels and captains possibilities for promotion will shrink.

In Europe, the Army, Navy and Air Force have four-star officers overseeing their individual forces in Europe. Each general cut would save the Pentagon $200,000 a year in pay alone - only a drop in the bucket of the DOD base budget of $535 billion for this year.

Read it at The Washington Post

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