Saturday, August 14, 2010


This came in 24 hours ago - I don't know how long the ferry takes from Alaska to Washington State; subtract that time (in hours) from 24, then arc out a series of circles from the Puget Sound area, how far a car & driver can make it in that time - that will be our search pattern.

Southern Class said: "I just read over at "TAH" that he was seen leaving Alaska on a ferry to Washington.

He'll be easy to spot; just look for the metallic blue old Lumina sedan that is leaning to the left. Jeezus, I would like to see the car, and put my "Oregon Boot" from Harborfreight importers, on it and watch him shit himself."

I'm guessing he's somewhere in the Pacific Northwest; he has a history in Oregon, apparently. Keep your eyes peeled and good hunting, STORMBRINGERS.




  1. Has anyone pointed out yet that someone claiming to be an officer should have a BLUE sticker under their DOD sticker and not the ORANGE one used for NCOs...

  2. Dude! what's up with Oregon? Why does every nutjob on the planet have to move to where my family pioneered? I mean - the terrorists for 9/11 were trained in McMinnville, we got the world's largest sex slave trade going through here, or one of them, largest child porn rings, largest marijuana trade.....I mean....we got EVERYTHING - including this guy now likes it here. Everytime we're in the news it's for something weird. Seriously. Always some low-key weird thing. It's kinda annoying. Gives the rest of us conservatives here a bad name.

  3. Alaska to Bellingham, WA takes about 3 to 7 days depending on the stops the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry is scheduled for on that run and if you don't have a scheduled lay over at one of the communities.

  4. You don't work for the state advetising commision do you SW.

  5. First off, we don't need to be in the news for anything. The less people know about Oregon the better. Second, the fact that we are known for all this kooky crap should scare off the weak. I don't want to live with wimps. We need less Subarus, Berkenstocks, and Californians, period.
    Third, my guess is he's headed for Portland. He'll fit in here, trade his car for a Ford Ranger, put an equal sign in the window and Poof, he's a lesbian. (sorry lesbians, I do respect you more than this walrus, but look at him... you know I am right). And if anyone wants to arrest him, he's got plenty of commie lawyers and press to bleat about the abuse he's sure to suffer for "being himself".

    "It's called free speech". That's about the speed here in PDX.

  6. I have a military uniform but I will NOT wear any tabs because I have not earned them yet. Unlike this sorry excuse for a man.