Sunday, August 15, 2010


What happens when an airplane hits a concrete wall at maximum speed.

The passenger jets that hit the WTC towers and Pentagon were doing 600 mph. You may have seen the Truther websites that ask; "If it's true that a Boeing airliner hit the Pentagon, what happened to all the parts of it? Why did we not find more pieces of it? Where did all that mass GO?"

Answer to the question; what happened to "all the mass of that airplane," watch this Air Force engineering test of a concrete barrier designed to surround a nuclear reactor dome, to see if it would survive an aerial attack. With the high speed cameras rolling, they attached an F-4 Phantom to a sled and then pumped up the speed to 500 MPH, and . . .


Watch in slow motion as the F-4 turns to vapor.

STORMBRINGER presents this information as a lead up to this year's 9-11 commemorative - Sean Linnane



  1. As an old hippie from the Vietnam war era, I always hate to see F4s get destroyed. Always loved that big bird.

  2. I hate to see a Phantom die, as well, but at least this one died for a good cause. In order to make reactors safer, and more survivable, this Phantom could even be thought of as dying for it's country.

  3. Very interesting video. Not sure that is an equivalent situation to that of the World Trade Center. Not the same factors at work here. Solid concrete is not steel girders and glass. Thikness and speeds are also a factor. What I am curious to learn and still have not received any information yet is why NORAD stood down on the day's events, where is the video of the jet that hit the Pentagon and where was the debris from that site? Alos, and I do not have evidence of this but several people working just days prior to the event, foprmer military, could smell C4 in the hallways and just a couple of days prior to the even the electrical systems and lights were truned off and peoiple were evacuated from the building. Has anyone also paid attention to the way the tower came down, or the explosions seen from the sides of the building prior to the jets even hitting? I try and not be a conspiracy theorist but dep down inside I do get a sense of a false flag!

  4. Campaigncasuals you are guilty of negative thoughts and general overall Trutherism - which is the same thing as stoopid.

    While this event tested nuke plant outer containment, this footage is equated to a mass (in this case an aircraft) hitting walls similar to the Pentagon, not the WTC.

    The parking lot security cam footage from the Pentagon is available - let me see if I can dig it up. In any case the actual event was witnessed by at least 10,000 commuters that morning, and PLENTY of debris was present at the site.

    As for "explosions" at the WTC, or the "smell of C4" at the Pentagon - let me tell you as a Special Forces engineer, with a degree in construction engineering, currently employed as a consultant in a related field - the amount of explosive required to take down the Twin Towers would have to be delivered in a convoy of trucks that would have gone around the block, and the work required to place those charges would have taken a 50-man crew a month to perform.

    Oh, and by the way unburnt C4 smells like a cross between acetone and vanilla. In any case your comment here is anecdotal in nature: "I do not have evidence of this but several people working just days prior to the event . . ."

    This is where all the conspiracy loon theories always pan out: the sheer # of people necessary to be involved to pull a job off like this - don't you think maybe ONE of them might have questioned the necessity to destroy & kill thousands of innocent people, and don't you think ONE of them might have come forward by now and spoken out?

    Congratulations you are a member of the Truther Tinfoil Hat Brigade. You probably receive messages on the fillings in your teeth.

    Truthers dishonor the thousands of decent men & women who died needlessly at the hands of Islamic Fundamentalist fanatical terrorists on 9-11, and the thousands who have died since that day, fighting for our freedom.

    - Sean Linnane

    1. As a forensic expert who has interviewed dozens of eye-witnesses to catastrophes who were driving 60mph and staring straight ahead, but were focused intently on the work just before the accident, nobody sees the same thing, and to dismiss the body of evidence for a cruise missile hit on the Pentagon by blythely saying 10,000 people passed by is cheap prestidigitation.

      That F4 had the engine removed and was mounted to a rocket sled. The kinetic energy of an empty frame, no fuel, F4 at 500mph is less than 10% of the impact of a 757, flying on fumes, at ~600mph. There would have been a HUGE hole(s) in the Pentagon from the massive twin engines, and a massive fire, yet there was only a single hole on the inside wall, and no evidence of fire on either side of the collapsed section.

      Busted. And the motive?

      The day before, Rumsfled was forced to admit the Pentagon had defrauded the American people of $2,300 BILLION dollars, they had 'misplaced'. After 9-1-1, nobody dared call that giga-larceny treason, even when Cheney forged documents, and outed a CIA agent, the head of the Iraq unit, then started a wholely illegal war killing a million people and destroying the main oil competitor to the Saudis and Houston oil, that still costs Americans TO THIS DAY, one billion dollars a day in excess oil profits.

      PLENTY of motive. And means? They could drop a cruise missile on any one of US at any moment. They almost stole six nuclear armed cruise missiles from Minot, only a miracle stopped WW3.

      Busted, and busted. The proof is your spin off into put downs about tin foil, followed by your racist hate speech against the Islamic faithful, while America wrapped itself in flag & cross porn.

      Bejeebus is coming back, ...and man is he pissed!!

  5. I'm going to question the validity of this "solid concrete wall compared to the web of structural steel" test.
    Now, don't get your undies in a bundie; I believe the mooslimes did fly the planes into the buildings.
    What I question is the equal energy dissipation of a solid wall of concrete vs a spiders web of steel girders and glass.]
    Now, as to the "proof" of plane parts...what the frig!?!? How could you distingush the difference between a chunk of molten building vs a chunk of molten plane!?!?? And because these tinhorn deniers "haven't personally seen any debris" doesn't negate the fact that there was debris! When did these deniers begin to be the only authority to pass judgement on events like this. Just because I haven't seen the Lincoln Memorial in person DOESN'T mean it's not there!!!
    Anybody with a modicum of common sense will accept the wide spread evidence of reality and won't try to substitute their own reality.


    1. The planes were made of aluminum. The building was reinforced with steel.

      That's how you tell the difference. Steel. Aluminum. Steel. Aluminum.

  6. truthers have been snowed by people that don't understand the facts..or are deliberately making stuff up.

    besides...honestly..even if the stuff the truthers say is true..(it's not, just playing devils advocate here)

    what, exactly, would you do about it? who would you go after? is it any different than what you're doing right now?

    if the government REALLY had that kind of trained manpower to conduct that sort of operation and then somehow kept EVERYONE involved quiet for this long...wouldn't everything we'd be doing useless? like trying to hold back the tide with a spoon?

    that may be the point. truthers spread bogus stories to make us feel helpless. like we can't do anything. nothing we do matters. everything is fixed. people in power do what they want, when they want, and we don't have any say in the matter.

    1. Wall Street and WADC:NOVA looted America for over $5 TRILLION and there has been MASSIVE evidence of fraud and deliberate malfeasance, a total lack of fiduciary duty, BILLIONS of investor funds simply 'disappeared', but nobody's talking. It's become a massive 'coverup' right in plain view and they got away with it, like they got away with Iran-Contra, and Dot.Con, and Enron, and AQ.Con, and WMD.Con.

      Americans' Social Security Trust Fund now 'owns' 48% of the $15 TRILLION looted since 9-1-1, and more is being pawned off on our retirement every day in every way. We're dead busted flat broke.

      All it takes to keep people quiet is GREED, with a 30-year rice bowl, an E-9 pension and Tri-Care, knowing that the alternate is homeless and no SS.

  7. thanks Stormbringer....

  8. Brother Stormie,
    I decided a long time ago, (and I thnk we discussed it a time or two)that I refuse to waste my time trying to debate logic with these morons. I do of course understand your need to keep it real here on the Blogosphere so I suspect all I can say is BETTER YOU THAN ME BROTHER!!!

    Of course another outcome could have pointed out for the conspiracy geek that the Trilateralist, Bilderbergers and Bavarian Illuminati had hired the Unabomber and Men in Black flying Black Helicopters to fullfill the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, who blew up the towers. Thereby releasing Elvis, Howard Hughes, Walt Disney and Timothy Leary from their cryogenic tombs in Roswell, in order to form the perfect new world order.......

    He would have bought it, I'm sure......jd

  9. Let's a;so remember that the majority of the structure of an aircraft is aluminum, and a lot of that relatively thin skins. Aluminum melts at 660.25C (~1,200F) and as anyone who has seen the video knows there was a hot fire a burnin for quite a while. It took the fire enough time and heat to burn through the fire proofing and get the steel hot enough to deform or melt.

    Steel (in general) melts at ~1,370C (~2,500F) or about twice the temperature of aluminum. So, while the fire was building up to the temperatures required to soften or melt the steel, the little bitty pieces of aluminum were melting away. If liquefied, when the structure came down, it would have partly atomized and partly splattered its way into the dust that became the debris.

    Another way to look at it is to say "why didn't they find any desks or copying machines?" Were they secretly removed the night before so they could be sold on Craigslist?

    1. The aluminium would not be atomized, that cannot happen because as the liquid aluminium melts it flows (there is no evidence and before you say yes please remember molten AL. is SILVER not orange) So this AL. melts and spreads into the impact area, it cant go everywhere, the fires however did not burn continuously on the same spot, this is not actually possible without fuel, of which the office furnishings did not provide sufficient for so that is why we see a gradual spread of fire and more smoke than flames. Now our aluminium is as flat as it is ever going to get, driven into the concrete and carpets and chairs etc. So it will be smashed to bits but even a normal collapse does not atomize, i suggest you do research to atomisation, the total atomisation if any would also be in a limited area, yet starngely multiple dust samples contain AL. So why is there no dust samples containing big lumps of al. and some containing not the tiniest bit? the remnant fireproofing by the way required a 2 hour protection before weakening began, then, the steel is a conductor of heat and would dissipate masses of heat for hours, then, we would witness deformation not uniform collapse

    2. That's kind of the point ... the mix of hydrocarbons that jets use as fuel does not reach 2,500 degrees. It's maximum open air burn temp is 1,890F and that is only under ideal circumstances.

      See all that black smoke coming from the towers? That's evidence of a fire that is starved for air ... and is burning at well below the maximum temperature.

      That fire could NOT have weakened those girders.

  10. I shot one of these down with an AIM-7 at China Lake. It was cool to blow it up, but afterward I felt like I shot a puppy, as this drone had seen real combat in Vietnam. Seeing them die now only makes me sad.

    Anonymous Dov

  11. How interesting, but it is a small problem, 1) If we are to make a comparison, then the pentagon walls were how thick? Moreover, how is it you cannot reconcile the 96% destruction of the f4 with the supposed large amounts of the plane recovered (according to other anti truth debunkers) 2) The F4 was going into a 3.7m concrete block, the boeings that hit the towers were 16ft in diameter, whereas the gap between the floors were only 10 feet and the floors were over 1 foot deep of concrete and steel, width, 238feet, so, what that means is if the planes you want to compare with the f4, they too should be 96% destroyed and never made it more than a few feet into the buidling but sure as hell, nowhere near the core columns. That is what the science bares out, the f4 test although different size, simply proves a point. If these planes hit 238thick of concrete and steel the entire plane is NOT slipping in smoother than a hot knife through butter, like we saw. Yet they did, it doesn't add up so thanks for the debunk, but you only just debunk those planes actually being passenger jets