Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Matt is an old family friend, a colleague of my father and a World War II vet - he served as a British officer with the Gurkhas. Nowadays Matt has a lot of time on his hands, to send us stuff like this on an almost daily basis . . . S.L.

Matt writes:

In the 1950s I was living in Karachi, Pakistan. One day I saw a lady drive her Cadillac nose first into a space hardly longer than her car. This meant the rear end was sticking out into traffic and I wondered what on earth she intended to do, when, to my amazement her spare wheel dropped down at right angles to the other wheels and she then turned the rear of the car into the restricted parking space.

I had never seen anything like that nor have I ever seen anything like it since until now. The cars are Cadillacs, old models, so I guess these photos were taken in the fifties. I have mentioned this to a lot of people in the automobile business but all I've ever had are strange looks.

Now there's proof for all and one to see that I wasn't just making up a story.




  1. I'd like to know how it is hooked up to the driveshaft!
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