Thursday, March 31, 2011


Iran's Attempt to Modernize Its Fighter Planes as Member of IFAPSA Alliance Fails to Win Nose-Art War.

This ingenious piece of brilliance is courtesy Friend of STORMBRINGER Jim Wrenn of the Worthy Blog PoliSat.Com

As a member of the IFAPSA (Islamo-Fascist and Paleo-Stalinist Alliance) desperately needing a fighter plane that would at least have a remote chance against an F-22 Raptor, Iran is modernizing its air force. However, according to Jane's, the internationally recognized authority on military-weapons, Iran's most advanced fighter doesn't even have a prayer of winning even the Nose-Art War in that category . . .

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Theo and I corresponded yesterday -

Post this wisdom Theo -

Solution to the problem in Libya:

They want a new Muslim leader.

I say, give them ours.

That solves 2 problems.

THEO: Have finally posted. Need some analysis on Libya and middle east. Had a rant last night.

STORMBRINGER: Yes I read it & I agree - right wrong or indifferent we're in it now; Linnane's First Principle of Warfare states: "When you find yourself involved in a war, you must commit to certain victory in as short a time as possible with every resource available; to do anything else equals criminal negligence."

THEO: So are we going to nobble Gadaffi or spend the next decade pissing about in the middle east. You have been there and done it . What are your thoughts on how we should proceed? Can use a pseudonym if you want to let rip.

STORMBRINGER: "Sean Linnane" IS a pseudonym . . . and I WILL let it rip . . .

THEO: Yes I know Sean is a pseudonym but if you really want to let rip use another.

This is too easy; sharpshooting the current Occupier of the Whitehouse - ESPECIALLY on this foreign military adventure - is the philosophical equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel . . .

. . . then events of the day overcame - I know it's incredible to imagine but yes I have a life & a career outside of Blog STORMBRINGER - and now it's going to have to wait until the weekend . . . Friday morning at the earliest . . . BUT I will end with a nice photo of our
new allies:




  1. You see the Debka report on Hamas & Hezbollah picking up mustard and nerve gas shells at the Benghazi garage sale, financed by our pals in Tehran? Plus a few AA missles. Musta been a CIA sting op.