Sunday, March 13, 2011


Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says it was a mistake to call the Afghanistan war a "War on Terror. Details HERE on CNN's Piers Morgan interview show (sorry the embed code is disabled on You Tube, but at least that saves you from looking at the ads).

I agree with Rummy; we're NOT fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. What we're at war with is Fundamentalist Islam; which has nothing to do with the religion of Islam, by the way - no more so than Roman Catholicism had anything to do with the troubles in Northern Ireland.

The news this week was the Congressional hearings into Radical Islam. That's a great start; it's only been ten and a half years since the Twin Towers came down. Speaking of the Twin Towers, the Golden Gate Bridge went up in four years, $1.3 million under budget. We had a booming economy for almost ten years after the buildings came down - how come they're not back up again? What? What's that you say? Oh, the GOVERNMENT's in charge of putting them back up again, you say? Never mind . . . sigh . . .

Please excuse, the A.D.D. is in double-extra mode today; must be the change of seasons. Focus: our country is in a state of war and the enemy is Radical Islam. Investigating Islam in this country is a good place to start, because the extremist forces (i.e. terrorists) use mosques as recruiting stations, and outlets for their hate-filled propaganda. It is correct and proper for our security and intelligence organizations to infiltrate mosques in America and to monitor the activities of radical preachers.

Radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Awlaki, pictured here in 2008 in Yemen, is linked to al-Qaida and the alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan.

BTW I like this latest media development; the introduction of British Commonwealth broadcast journalists into the American media scene - what I don't like is that the ones they dredge up are all bleeding heart liberals.

What they need to do is to find the Australian Rush Limbaugh


Hmmm . . . I've got a deep, baritone, radio-worthy voice, maybe I should put in for the job . . . ? ? ?

. . . on the other hand . . . N-A-A-A-H . . . journalism doesn't pay squat - just ask my brother - and we've already GOT a Rush Limbaugh . . . I'd be crazy to give up my career as a security professional to try to tag onto the coattails of the Great Maha Rushie . . .

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