Sunday, March 27, 2011


Some wanka out there busted me out in comments on my describing Angie as "my best mate's girlfriend". It was more disturbing than watching a modern re-make of Lawrence of Arabia - I shudder to think of how the freaks in Hollywood would blaspheme that - and so for the first time in the history of STORMBRINGER I have deleted a comment.

In case you haven't noticed Thickhead - and you know who you are - I am not a 'mo, I am an Antipodean and "mates" is how we describe our friends. "Mateship" is friendship, nothing more, nothing weird or pre-verted going on here - anyways the post is about a beautiful woman and so I say to you: anybody who gets queerdom out of THAT has got to be POOFTER.

While we're on the subject I suggest you click HERE and stare long and hard at what is shaping up to be the greatest collection of female pulchritude since the Sistine Chapel - you're hovering dangerously close to the crossover line mate you need rehabilitation.

Today's Bird HERE

"Take due notice thereof and keep your kink in the closet where it belongs" . . . STORMBRINGER SENDS


  1. Mates, Shipmates, Pardners. All terms of friendship.
    Good smack down my friend.

  2. The type of person we use to be able to avoid/ignore in our daily lives, can now sit in their mother's basement collecting disability and hammer the internet with their demented illness.