Friday, March 25, 2011


ORNL's Jon Kreykes briefs President Bush on Libya's nuclear weapons production equipment sent to Oak Ridge.

On July 12, 2004, President George W. Bush came to Oak Ridge for a first-hand look at gas centrifuge components and uranium processing equipment that were at the heart of Libya's secret nuclear weapons program.

The president received a briefing on these mechanical parts from Jon Kreykes, deputy director of the National Security Advanced Technology (NSAT) Division of ORNL's National Security Directorate. In a speech later that day to an ORNL audience, the president announced that Libya was "dismantling its weapons of mass destruction and long-range missile programs" as a result of "quiet diplomacy among America, Britain, and the Libyan government."

The evacuation of nuclear materials from Libya is one of the recent high-priority activities of NSAT, says division director Jim Sumner, who regards the event as an important milestone in the Laboratory's history. "We had one of our people on the ground in Libya and a cadre of people here doing the coordination and logistics support," he explains. In early 2004 the nuclear materials and equipment were flown under top security 5,000 miles from Tripoli to McGhee-Tyson Airport near Knoxville and transported by truck to Oak Ridge.

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Friend of STORMBRINGER Jim Wrenn has put together this brilliant analysis:

If critics the Dubya had heeded by letting Saddam remain seated in power, Saddam would now have The Bomb with likewise Qadhafi proceeding. And chances are zip, zero, none Iran would stop nuke-work begun to counter Saddam's acquiring The Bomb - Indeed, they'd blame us for his Bomb. And Gore would by now have hurled claims at Dubya which would be the same as thoseº² that Gore pushed against "Daddy" Bush for NOT having toppled Hussein. You doubt Gore would stoop to such shame? Search "WrennCom" plus "GoreOnHussein" plus "PersianGulfWar" for rantings of Gore at Bush 41 re Hussein. 'Twas after the Persian Gulf War that Candidate, Albert A. Gore, trashed Bush 41 for what left undone? Deposing Hussein in that war. Thus, Gore and the Left would now claim: "If Dubya had toppled Hussein, the folks in Iran would not want The Bomb," for which they on Bush would heap blame.

Read the rest of it HERE to include a link to his video "Victory by Any Other Name," which Jim concedes is long; if you want to view the part dealing with Libya's now-dismantled nuclear-weapons program, fast-forward 7:03 minutes into the video and then watch the rest. The page linked above also includes the entire text of the video.

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