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The War on Terror from the perspective of an Israeli soldier.

Continued from Yesterday and the Day Before.

From June 1967 on, the West, America and Israel, has only paid lip service to God. America fights in the name of “freedom”, which of course is a noble and true concept, but what is the source of that freedom? God. Our Creator. Israel fights for “peace”. What about the God of Peace? You’ll never hear those words from an Israeli leader.

If America does not fight in the name of the God of Goodness, of the God of Freedom, then the Jihadists will fight in the name of the God of Jihad. They will declare Jihad on you until you fall back in confusion and horror.

Fogel Family stabbed to death by Arab Terrorists in Itamar 11 March 2011

They will kill your women, your children, your men, soldiers and civilians, even your babies. It makes no difference to them.

You will be shocked by the scope of it and ask yourselves how and why. In the morning you will ask when is evening coming already, and in the evening you will yearn for the morning out of fear. (Leviticus) But they will keep doing it until we understand that we are the good in the world.

Patton understood that in World War II. That’s why we won and Nazism is dead.

General George S. Patton - Soldier / Spiritualist - the greatest American general since Stonewall Jackson.

But Nazism was spiritually weak. It fought not in the name of God, but in the name of Hitler. Once broken militarily, it fell easily. Not so Jihadism. Break it militarily, and it will keep going after you until you wake up spiritually. The Jihadists are weak militarily, but spiritually they are very, very tough.

To be clear, I am not saying that America has to militarily conquer the world in the name of God. I am saying that America, when she democratically chooses to act with force, should not do it in the name of Freedom, but in the name of the God of Freedom. I am also not saying the Israel has to destroy the Dome of the Rock in the name of the God of Israel. That would be insane. I believe in the God of Freedom, and anyone should be able to worship wherever they want, even if it’s on my Temple Mount. What I do believe, though, is that Jews and Christians should also be able to worship on the Temple Mount freely, which currently they cannot.

Anyway, what is happening in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya at this very moment is a war in a spiritual trap first set at the Temple Mount in 1967. America is fighting in a battlefield it does not comprehend, at least not yet. She cannot win with her current thinking. Neither can Israel.

The enemy is fighting in the name of God, and we, America and Israel, are not. This is a problem.

I love America. I was born there. I lived there for 24 years. It is the best country that has ever existed, and I thank her for everything she has done for me and for the Jewish People, who as everyone knows sometimes get very evil hosts.

But unfortunately, America is lacking spiritual inspiration. And whether Israel likes it or not, in the end we will have to be that inspiration. When the Jews return to the Temple Mount in the name of God Who is the source of all Freedom, the West will wake up. Yes, even Europe will wake up and save itself. The God of Freedom will win, terror will end, and America will take her place at the head of the world forever.

As we say in Hebrew, “Be’Ezrat Hashem” - בעזרת השם - With God’s help.

May God bless America and all the Armed Forces.

The author is a former Israeli soldier. Born and raised in America for 24 years, he moved to Israel in 2007. Here he shares his view of the War on Terror from the perspective of a religious Israeli soldier.


For what it's worth, I personally share the beliefs expressed here. During the course of my military adventures I had the blessed good fortune to visit Jerusalem, twice; to walk in the footsteps of warriors, kings, prophets and the Messiah. When I went up to the Temple Mount, I made my prayers - in secret - on behalf of all True Believers; for it is my personal belief that there is no difference - spiritually - between the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. That is to say that we all have one God, we are all People of the Book, and as a Christian it is my belief that ultimately the Messiah will reveal himself to all of us - the staggered timetable is for a reason, apparently, and that reason will also be ultimately revealed . . . not for me to quiz the bus schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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