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Fukushima Daiichi

The reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant are in stable condition and are being cooled with seawater, but workers at the plant continue efforts to add cooling water to fuel pools at reactors 3 and 4.

The status of the reactors at the site is as follows:

Reactor 1's primary containment is believed to be intact and the reactor is in a stable condition. Seawater injection into the reactor is continuing.

Reactor 2 is in stable condition with seawater injection continuing. The reactor's primary containment may not have been breached, Tokyo Electric Power Co. and World Association of Nuclear Operators officials said on Thursday.

Access problems at the site have delayed connection of a temporary cable to restore off-site electricity. The connection will provide power to the control rod drive pump, instrumentation, batteries and the control room. Power has not been available at the site since the earthquake on March 11.

Reactor 3 is in stable condition with seawater injection continuing. The primary containment is believed to be intact. Pressure in the containment has fluctuated due to venting of the reactor containment structure.

TEPCO officials say that although one side of the concrete wall of the fuel pool structure has collapsed, the steel liner of the pool remains intact, based on aerial photos of the reactor taken on March 17. The pool still has water providing some cooling for the fuel; however, helicopters dropped water on the reactor four times during the morning (Japan time) on March 17. Water also was sprayed at reactor 4 using high-pressure water cannons.

Reactors 5 and 6 were both shut down before the quake occurred. Primary and secondary containments are intact at both reactors. Temperature instruments in the spent fuel pools at reactors 5 and 6 are operational, and temperatures are being maintained at about 62 degrees Celsius. TEPCO is continuing efforts to restore power at reactor 5.

Fukushima Daini

All four reactors at the Fukushima Daini plant have reached cold shutdown conditions with normal cooling being maintained using residual heat removal systems. 

Source: Nuclear Energy Institute

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  1. Gramps // Mar 17, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Japan’s Damaged Reactors: No Chernobyl…

    Yes indeed Sean, it’s actually much worse…! Your post is timed as 0653 hours; since then their are reports that the spent fuel rods in reactor #4 are fully exposed and breaking down…!

    Japan is a tiny country compared to the huge land mass that surrounded Chernobyl.
    The intensively farmed ground on a quarter to perhaps a third of the country will be unusable for planted crops and unsuitable for grazing animals for centuries.

    Nuclear power is now totally over done…Time to put a fork in it and take it completely off the stove…!

    Ironically, it’s time to place the entire world on a “Manhattan Project” in the quest for designing, building and installing “green” forms of alternative energy production.

    Hopefully we’ll all see you again, in good health…somewhere down the road…!
    Previously posted @ the Frum Forum...

  2. There's something going on here - the above comment was generated by a Troll from the Frum Forum - where I post - 24 hours before I sent in the above update.

    Oh well let him hit the panic button along with all the rest of those Trolls - that's what they do - never mind the fact the reactors functioned as per design and the whole thing is winding down and cooling off . . .

    -Linnane Sends

  3. Having grown up around coal plants and refineries and wide spread industrial sprawl, as well as wide suburban sprawl, and wide spread windmill sprawl, I can make this observation: every form of energy generation is dirtier than nuclear. These misanthropes want me on a diesel bus? Or better, a bike with no power to resist the coming police state sponsored by... these misanthropes. That's what it comes down to; just listen to how much people like this hate humanity, masturbating to 1984 and the whole boot on the face of humanity thing.