Monday, March 28, 2011


Jim from Pro Art Shirts contacted me regarding an image I'd used about a year ago on a post about le Legion Etranger. He has graciously allowed me to use it, and I updated the post to acknowledge his artwork.

The t-shirt designs available at Pro Art Shirts are fantastic - bold, basic military insignia. They are well-balanced, pleasing to the eye and representative of that which readers of STORMBRINGER respect and hold dear: our proud family of freedom-fighting military organizations, the warrior ethos incarnate. After exchanging notes with Jim, he sent me a collection of images representing the units I was assigned to:

I mentioned that I also served with the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (DERR) and the 7th Gurkha Rifles, and that I was present on the battlefield with the French Foreign Legion in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) although I do not know which regiment - we were busy working and there wasn't time to get acquainted. Jim said that he'd be happy to design something for those organizations so I'm looking around for some good high res references - he's been after a good reference for the Gurkha cap badge for a long time, still no luck with that. In a future post I'll tell you all about the DERR and what makes them special, even within the Great British Army.

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