Tuesday, March 29, 2011


the War on Terror from the perspective of an Israeli soldier.

Continued from Yesterday.

When Israel, representing the Jewish People, came back to the Temple Mount in June 1967, the Western World was electrified, the Islamic world dumbfounded, terrified, and confused. The Israelites returned to their ancestral homeland. Something monumental was happening. Western Reporters during the Six Day War could barely contain their emotions. Everyone was waiting for some kind of universal message to come flowing out of the Temple Mount like Isaiah or something.

This is the scene where 1,900 years earlier in the year 70, a crazed war-hardened suicidally determined Jewish People almost beat the entire Roman army defending the Second Temple. The Greeks at Thermopylae were a close second. Josephus speaks about how Titus had to bring in Legions all the way from England to finally crush the Jews, who even then kept on fighting after the Temple was destroyed.

And then, 1,900 years later in 1967, we got it back against our will. We didn’t even want it. Levi Eshkol, at the time the Israeli Prime Minister, was literally begging King Hussein of Jordan to stay out. He didn’t of course. So Israel had to take back Judea and Samaria, today sadly referred to as the “West Bank” to hide Jewish association with it. And then we came back to the Mount.

And everyone looked at us. What are they going to do? Their ancestors fought like rabid dogs there, they had a Temple, twice, that still is the very beating heart of what would later become Western civilization. “Do something!” the Western world screamed. They ached for some kind of Messianic message.

Of course, we had no idea what to tell them. Jews can’t stand all this responsibility. We don’t want to speak in the name of God. It makes us nauseous. We’re a stiff-necked people. The Temple Mount was too much for us, so we just gave it right back and did nothing. Now we think some wall that Herod, that evil king built, is holy. The Wailing Wall, we call it. Ha. What fools we are. Now the world sees us as occupiers in the “West Bank,” a land that isn’t ours. We showed everyone we didn’t want it, so why are we complaining?

When we left that Mount, the War on Terror began, in June 1967. Not September 2001. Why? Because the inspiration, the possibility for terrorism, began when they saw that the spiritual center and founder of Western civilization – the Jewish People – lacked spiritual direction, which we refused to provide the world when we had the opportunity. We were too scared to speak in the name of God. That’s when the other side realized the West is spiritually weak. That yes, maybe the West can destroy you militarily, but in the end, they’ll just retreat in confusion about why they fought you in the first place.

How do we turn this around?

To be continued . . .

The author is a former Israeli soldier. Born and raised in America for 24 years, he moved to Israel in 2007. Here he shares his view of the War on Terror from the perspective of a religious Israeli soldier.



  1. So true! Finally, someone who truly recognizes the position that G-d gave the Jews! I can't wait for the next addition!

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  3. This is really true! Finally, someone who understands the unique position that G-d has bestowed upon the Jews! I'm looking forward to the next instalment!