Monday, May 23, 2011


Flames and smoke erupt from a Pakistani military air base after an attack by militants on Sunday night.

This event is significant because - along with other recent events - it indicates the Taliban/al Qaeda enemy are steadily moving from the latent & incipient stage of a guerrilla insurrection to War of Movement - S.L.

Pakistani Navy base under siege

By Bill Roggio - The Long War Journal - May 22, 2011

Terrorists attacked a Pakistani naval airbase in the city of Karachi today, sparking an hours-long battle in which several people have been killed and at least two naval aircraft were destroyed. Fighting is still ongoing and hostages have been taken, according to reports.

A large terrorist assault team, thought to be between 15 to 20 men strong, stormed Pakistani Naval Station Mehran Sunday night in a coordinated, complex attack.

The heavily armed gunmen penetrated security at the base from three gates and fanned out, attacking aircraft hangars and military personnel. Two Pakistani naval aircraft are reported to have been destroyed. The military confirmed that one P-3 Orion maritime surveillance plane was destroyed. At least three other aircraft are said to have been damaged in the attack.

Four naval personnel and four terrorists have been reported killed during the fighting. The terrorists are said to have taken hostages and have seized control of one or more buildings on the base. At least 10 terrorists are said to be holding the hostages.

Pakistani naval commandos, Marines, and Rangers have been deployed and are fighting the gunmen.

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