Friday, May 20, 2011


I bet you dollars to doughnuts these wingnuts celebrate Earth Day - S.L.

Norwalk, Conn. (AP) - A Norwalk city council member with the backing of local veterans groups is asking the city's education board to reconsider its decision to eliminate Veterans Day as a school holiday.

Councilor Kelly Straniti says she contacted the Board of Education after veterans opposed to the calendar change asked her to get involved.

The change was adopted earlier this month at the recommendation of Superintendent Susan Marks, who wanted more classroom time for students. Some of that classroom time would be spent educating students on the importance of Veterans Day.

Alfred Scudder, chairman of the Norwalk Veterans Committee, tells The Hour newspaper that the decision was "crazy."

Board of Education Chairman Jack Chiaramonte says no disrespect was meant and he's willing to listen to the veterans' concerns.

They defended the nation. It is only right and proper to teach our children to honor them.

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  1. I seem to recall that Norwalk had a long naval history. Isn't there a submariner's museum there? I'm a teacher, and when I see stuff like this I hate to imagine what my fellow vets must feel in regard to my chosen profession. It's shameful really ...

  2. Hmm. No disrespect was meant? Chiaramonte must have a BA in BS.

  3. I recall that Norwalk has a nasty virus named after it, maybe Suan Marks has got a dose!

  4. I was born and raised in Norwalk, this news makes me sick to my stomach. And yes Connecticut in general has a rich military history including the Submarine base in New London.