Friday, May 27, 2011


You're the President of the United States . . .

. . . for some kind of reason - oil? - you go to war against THIS loon . . .

. . . the combined military power & energies of Europe comes to the party and brings all their toys . . .

. . . we bomb the LIVING SNOT out of the place for over TWO MONTHS now . . .

. . . and the nutjob is STILL holding out ? ? ?

Maybe it's time top quit while you're still ahead Mister-Community-Organizer-in-Chief . . . declare victory and get the hell out of there . . . ? ? ?

Just a thought . . .

Today's Bird



  1. Why does the obumbler and his wench look like they have a plug of tobacco in their lips?


  2. don't hurt our foes lightly.
    since we started the fight, creating an enemy, then we must add to their pain and make them die for their loon, at the least blood cost to us that gives us unconditional victory.

  3. If McCain was the CINC than I'd bet you'd be more supportive.
    Your dislike for BHO may be clouding your sentiments.

    Charlie Echo

  4. If McCain was President I like to think he'd consider the long term consequences of his actions before he backed a pack of street rabble against a loyal, long-term ally in Egypt, and then jumping half-heartedly into an unnecessary, open-ended conflict with no stated objective.