Sunday, May 22, 2011


To borrow a phrase from Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favorite things . . .

Deep Purple plays Playboy After Dark

Deep Purple perform their hit "Hush" at the Playboy Mansion in October 1968, in this segment from Playboy After Dark. The clip begins with Hugh Hefner talking to the band on stage before their performance.

Not the best sound quality, but what a classic scene. Bear in mind this was 1968 - looking back at what we know now; between Ritchie Blackmore's hair and those shirts, these guys were light years ahead of their time . . . cutting edge, if anything.

The audio on this one sounds a little better:

Time Warp Bird HERE



  1. Mon Ami,
    I think the best thing about this video is the dancing. I remember dancing like some of these old geezers back in the day...

    I also now know beyond a doubt where you learned some moves which you demonstrated quite well on the Drop Zone more than once, as jumpers were landing in trees. (I think some of them were learning some new dance moves as well come to think of it).....jd