Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Bartender asks, "what’s a Bin Laden?"

Man says, "2 shots with a splash of water."

- from Theo's worthy site Last of the Few

Q: How come they used Seal Team Six instead of Delta to conduct the OBL raid into Pakistan?

A: Simple. They wanted to make sure he wasn't captured alive.

(Credit for that one goes to Team STORMBRINGER charter member VA Shepherd)

Rumor is Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and Bill Daley were the driving forces for the raid; Obama was against. Reports are that Obama "had to sleep on it" before making the call. Sleep on what???

The leak of above less than 72 hours after the raid was executed points to a high level of frustration within the Obama Administration and the National Intelligence community. Was Obama's hand in fact forced?

Obama is getting kudos for ordering a raid vs. a bombing that would have obliterated everything. The intel haul was the real coup; did this even occur to the community-organizer-in-chief beforehand???

Announcement of the raid was made in the middle of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" show . . . a mere coincidence I'm sure . . . no way Obama would use this for political gain! The best thing a Tea Party Merry Prankster team could pull off right now would be to unveil a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner at Obama's (already scheduled) Ground Zero appearance . . .

. . . not that there's anything wrong with that . . .

The following observations from SKULLHEAD - ex-Delta operator and Knight Chevalier of Team STORMBRINGER Sanctum Sanctorium:

This was a great op for the group (JSOC) and looks like it went of with out a hitch. Yes Seal Team 6 got the poster picture for it, however I do know that the ODD ( Operational Detachment - D a.k.a. Delta Force ) was present and most likely it split the count, enough to put the group on solid ground and timing.

I told you he was in Pakistan and living high on the hog. We also knew they were helping him; that is how they are and will always be. We should have severed ties and destroyed their nuke program a long time ago. I also believe the op was already moving and the President was told to sit and wait because it was going to happen whether he liked or not; that big a HVT (High Value Target) was not getting away.

A classic tactic for tracking an urban target: put them on the run and wait for them to hole up, let them get confortable and study their habits, then you get to remove them from the earth at a time & place of your choosing. Same thing happened to Pablo (Escobar); smells of ODD all over this - we know the true story will come out when the current regime is no longer going to be embarrassed, plus we don't exist therefore we were not there just Seal Team 6 and the CIA.

Funny how things have to be laid out for people in the news and we all know they are full of sh*t as well as the current occupiers of the Whitehouse - how long do you think it will be before this guy blows the ODD apart and screws that up? Credit should be given to the boys on the ground - they did the job. I remember a couple of over the rail disposals they did for us way back when, they should advertise free funerals at sea for terrorists, we will even pick up - no reservations needed. You get a free bath so you're fresh as a daisy for the virgins.

They will come at us again . . .



  1. Judging from the above photo, the whole gang was watching "Celebrity Apprentice" before the announcement too. Opposition research. The Prez seems to be working on his "The Donald" scowl. And the rest of them are certainly apprentices.

  2. A comment from Jerry Pournelle's web site at (which is always a good read).

    The claim is that the order to kill bin Laden didn't originate with the President - that he was largely a bystander in a power struggle, over doing the mission or not, between elements of his staff and cabinet.

    The story itself is at
    panetta-issued-order-to-kill-osama-bin-laden/ . It reads halfway plausibly, but the site it's on doesn't look that credible, and it could equally plausibly be a fabrication.

    That account, that Panetta and Clinton had already kicked things into motion and wouldn't let Obama slip the leash, sounds probable to me, and would certainly account for Obama's "I'd rather be ANYWHERE else doing ANYTHING else!" expression in the situation room photo.

    And note well; THIS is the photo that the Obama White House CHOSE to post. (I sometimes think that the official White House photographer may not care for his subject....)

  3. I do think that it would have been worthwhile for political purposes to bring Bin Laden's carcass back to the US for burial, so that for the remainder of all eternity, OBL would be underneath some rock in the military prison at Fort Leavenworth. Just a thought.....

  4. Is it true that the press is actually naming one of the guys on this mission, including his parent's name and what town they live in? Maybe I ate poison mushrooms in my salad for lunch and am just imagining this:

  5. well done blokes......