Monday, May 9, 2011


Up until this point in time, if you said'The Raid' within the SF community, you were referring to the Son Tay Raid. As of last Sunday evening, that has been changed forever. And as secretive and shrouded in mystery as Son Tay was, this latest thing generates more questions and quizzical aspects with each and every pronouncement of Team Obama.

OK now that the dust has settled lets go over some of the details that the Left-Leaning Mainstream Media (LLMM) invariably get wrong due to their wholesale lack of military experience - while posturing themselves as Subject Matter Experts on everything Spec Ops - combined with their slobbering love affair with the current occupier of the Whitehouse.

o Did the Presidents' team actually watch the operation unfold in real-time on the screen in the situation room?

This photo suggests they did, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's comment that it was "the most intense 38 minutes of her life" contributes to this aspect of The Raid. But on Wednesday CIA Director Leon Panetta stated that the screen went black for 25 minutes right in the middle of the operation.

o Was Hillary reacting in shock and awe at the killing of Osama bin Laden, or is she covering a cough - as she claimed - or is she overwhelmed by the beauty of it all when they switched over to a Royal Wedding rerun during those 25 minutes of blackness? You decide.

o Is Osama bin Laden REALLY dead? Where's the photo? "No body, no crime." The death of Adolf Hitler was also announced on 1 May, and yet everyone knows Hitler is still alive in Argentina - for you non-Truthyers here's video proof:

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  1. Question about the 25 minutes.
    Was a relative of Rose Mary Woods running the DVR?

  2. hillary's thinking, "Wow! This is more exciting than the Vince Foster takedown!"

  3. In my past lives I have had to very quickly determine if the person in front of me is friend or foe. Its a skill that anybody can cultivate; you just have to trust your instinct.
    When I first saw this pic; my immediate reaction was....that chick is upset and shocked about something. (Ya, I know, that "chick" turned out to be Billary, give me a break I didn't get to see her calves)
    Back to the story. Everybody in that pic is exhibiting a facade of surprise/disgust/shock.
    Nobody should believe the bulls**t lie of a 40 minute gap in the live feed. Everybody in that room saw osama getting his comeuppance.
    Besides; can you really believe ANYTHING coming out of that group?