Sunday, May 29, 2011



Students at Southeast's Turner Elementary were fed raw onions on Tuesday, instead of the zucchini slices the school's food provider, Chartwells, said it would serve as part of a federal initiative to provide healthy food to young learners.

When Trevor Rill picked up the snack bags from the cafeteria for his third-grade class, he found bundles of raw scallions - also known as spring onion - usually reserved for cooking.

"I asked the cafeteria workers, 'Are you serious?' and they said, 'This is what they sent us,'" said Rill, one of nine City Year corps members assigned to Turner. "So I held them out and said, 'This is what we have,' and the kids went nuts. Two of them ate it in front of me and said, 'This is disgusting.'"


Turner Elementary is one of the District's 53 public elementary schools participating in the Federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Under the 2008 Farm Bill, the District received $1.2 million this school year to serve students a vegetable or piece of fruit outside of breakfast and lunch hours. The program is likely to expand to more schools next year as funding increases to $1.7 million.

They can't even get a school snack program right for the District of Columbia, and yet they tell us they can administer a healthcare program for all Americans across fifty states - yeah RIGHT.

Sergeant-Major LocloMancil of 5th Special Forces Group was a full-blooded Payute Indian who served in MACV-SOG in Vietnam. He once told me, "If you expect the Federal Government to take care of you, then take a look at what happened to the American Indian."

The Nez Perce War, 1890

STORMBRINGER is not a political blog but I am a conservative and I will not stand by blind-deaf-and-dumb as the Democrats and their willing lackeys in the LLMM - Left-Leaning Liberal Mainstream Media - do everything in their power to turn this country into what I've seen first hand in Europe AND in the country of my birth, Australia; it is called S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M and believe you me, we do NOT want it here.

The T-E-A in Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already and the Tea Party is for less of this kind of Government encroachment in our lives.

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  1. It so happens that I love scallions and raw is the ONLY way to eat them. The kids are obviously just un-educated (of course).
    HOWEVER, just a few days ago I almost gagged when I saw them for $1.99 a bunch. Three for a buck not too long ago. Bottom line- No matter how you look at it - we are DOOOOOMED.

  2. I love spring onions myself and I love them raw with my favorite Thai dishes, washed down with schooners of cold beer, of course.

    But raw veggies for kids snacks in school? What kind of stupid New Age politically correct BOO-chips is this?

    Whatever happened to milk and graham crackers?

  3. Of course, the military that fascist fatheads like Sean Linnane belong to and endorses never makes any mistakes and always serves it's boys great chow. Your logic is the typical kind of gross over generalizationizing that I have come to expect from talk radio brainwashed Palindrones. Good work Sean, keep up the proud tradition of right wing fatheadedness.

  4. I've obviously arrived . . . the Liberal Tinfoil Hat Moonbeam Brigade considers me a threat and has send their trolls to infest my site.

    I take your harmless slings as a professional compliment. I'd actually feel honored if you showed any originality of thought . . .

    . . . of course if you were capable of that you wouldn't be a troll, now, would you?

    "Sua Sponte"