Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THE RAID - More Concepts

"The US Navy SEAL team which executed the raid on Osama bin Laden was handpicked by Barack Obama."

This gem surfaced early on in the Whitehouse disinformation campaign surrounding The Raid, and I threw out the fifteen-yard bullshit flag on this one right away.

Fact of the matter is Obama spent more time planning his Final Four picks than he did on ANYTHING remotely associated with military operations - the single subject area he is uniquely UN-qualified to say a word about, much less even pretend to know doodley-squat, even less so than free-market economics.

If you want to know the real reason SEAL Team Six got the mission was this thing had become practically a red-cycle tasking within JSOC. They've had a team on standby for the OBL hit for a decade now, and the SEALs lucked out - in that they were on stand down while everyone else was out kicking ass and taking names when word came down the pike that we actually had a fix on HVT bin Laden and The Company was requesting JSOC to go in and do the hit.

So the SEALs were the assault element and they're such publicity hogs they made sure word got out and they got all the credit - dollars to doughnuts if it was Delta the press would still be hypothesizing who did it - the CAG has a Code of Silence that even La Cosa Nostra envies. Remember a little operation involving PW Jessica Lynch?

While we're on the subject, my buddy Skullhead - of the Apache - is having a problem with the choice of codename for bin Laden, and as an honorary member of the Lakota, I must admit that I see it his way.

Skullhead writes:

i am seeing a mix reaction on the name the target was given, some native americans find it offensive. i can see the choice they made being the fact that Geronimo was hunted for many years in unfriendly terrian. he live in the back country and surived off the land. the target in this case was hunted and did the text book thing hide in plan sight. its the long hunt that would inspire the name and the enviroment. the real deal never lived better than his people, the target was living better than most of his followers. any way they could have used a better name like AID (another idiot down)

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