Saturday, May 21, 2011


Saturday is last day on earth, claims evangelical Christian

Even though I've been preparing for a Mad Max post-Apocalyptic world since I was at least 15, looks like I've been cheated again . . .

And despite a 100% failure rate predicting Doomsday is apparently a VERY lucrative business model . . .

As far as I'm concerned it might AS WELL be the end of the world; I was hoping to publish Chapter One of The Streets of Africa this weekend, but the failure of the Apocalypse to appear means the 300 pages of tech eval that got dumped in my lap yesterday afternoon have to be read & understood by Monday morning . . . that and the hay has to be harvested I mean the grass has to be cut . . . several work projects . . . AND my corporate taxes are due . . .

. . . sigh! . . . to be fifteen again . . . with the End of the World ahead of me . . .

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  1. Its suppose to be starting around 6pm so i am haveing dinner around 8. was hoping i didnt have to work next week. oh well ;skullhead

  2. Where are these people? I gotta find them before 6 p.m. They're gonna be giving stuff away, or can be talked into it easily enough, being stupid. Winnign!

  3. ok i was so let down no mad max living this sucks. worst is no free stuff from the departed. oh well anybody check and see if the muslims are still here maybe the guy had it backwards. well gotta unload the truck and put my stuff away till next time. what a let down. : skullhead

  4. that third painting is badass; who painted it?

  5. Cheer up gentlemen, it's not the end of the World you know! A nice bottle of mature Scotch and you too can experience "rapture" although a similar sensation can be obtained using a good tot of "Pussers".
    TTFN and "Up Spirits and Splice the Mainbrace"

  6. If I would have caught word of this preacher soon enough I would have showed up at his place in some kind of apocalyptic costume with dreadful tools of midevil death trades. I would have completed his misfortune by speaking (as best I could muster) in some ancient language....maybe old Hebrew. If I could have got some help it would have realy got'em. Folks show up with me looking exactly like folks he knew that had passed away. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!