Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hokay I figured a cool way to check the history ( Ctrl+H ) found the link to the New York Times article referenced in yesterday's post A MODERN MERCENARY ARMY.

Anyway if you'd clicked on the bold sub-headline it takes you right to the NYT article - D'oH!

If I had time right now I'd go on about the challenges Erik Prince faces in standing up indiginous armies, based on my twenty+ years of experience in this field - subject matter for a future post - all I'll say right now is the hardest thing I know how to do is to manage human beings; everything and anything under the sun will happen right before your eyes and you can take nothing for granted. Erik Prince wants to turn eight hundred Third Worlders into a sort of CAG-for-hire? To that I say good luck in finding eight hundred even if you recruited solely from the modern, industrialized FIRST World - it ain't the same as fielding a security force full of ex-Marine Corps Lance Corporals who actually know the basics of soldiering.

Having said all that, STORMBRINGER wishes the best to Erik Prince and his team in this endeavor.




  1. I read an article in SOF magazine some 20 years back detailing how Col. Hackworth had envisioned an American Foreign Legion.