Wednesday, May 19, 2010


URGENT: Wednesday 19th May: Looks like the army crackdown is starting along Rama IV Road now!

Central Bangkok is now a "war zone". Latest news is that the street clashes are further outside the area marked on this map. All MRT and BTS train services are closed until further notice. Most big shopping malls in central Bangkok are closed too. All schools are shut. Monday to Friday is now a public holiday in Bangkok. The army's plan to encircle the red shirts (green square) has failed repeatedly. So far 36 dead in running street battles. We think the army will move in soon to clear the streets.

MOST DANGEROUS: Areas to avoid in Bangkok this week: Sala Daeng / Silom area

- for what it's worth I used to date a girl who lived in the Silom area - S.L. -

Lumpini Boxing Stadium / Bon Kai area and Ratchaprarop to Din Daeng area including Victory Monument.

Click HERE for detailed map . . . more to follow - S.L.

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Go HERE for some ground truth

- Sean Linnane


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