Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In 1926, original design was improved, following the recommendations of the US Army Ordnanve Dept. These changes incorporate the following items (see picture above):
1. Wider front sight
2. Longer hammer spur
3. Shorter trigger
4. Curved spring housing
5. Simplified grip panels checkering
6. Index finger reliefs behind the trigger
7. Longer grip-safety spur

Yesterday's post on the 1911 proved to be one of the most popular of all time - if not in actual number of hits, certainly by number of replies. This response seems to reinforce the sentiment that to this day the M1911 remains of the most popular handgun designs of all time . . .

M1911 vs. M1911A1

The amount of knowledge and breadth of experience displayed by readership in comments did not surprise me - I figured there are some knowledgeable individuals out there; it's a pleasure to know you read Blog STORMBRINGER. Very well, yesterday's post started as answered a few questions, today I might have a few questions for YOU . . .

I've been looking for a challenge for some time now; the 1911 posts grew out of a conversation I'd been having with my brother, who is in the market for a new gun. After going around about price versus quality, I suggested it would be fun for us to BUILD our own 1911's . . . of course right after that crossed my mind, it occurred to me there's a gigantic resource of knowledge & wisdom out there for us to tap into . . .

I'm talking about YOU of course, the readers (and occasional contributors to) Blog STORMBRINGER.

Colt Government model Series 80 .45ACP

OK now time is getting late and I've got to hit the road. I'm looking for suggestions on where to start - frame & slide. The Sean Linnane 1911 will be utilitarian in nature, as true to the original M1911 / M1911A1 as possible.

Customized Colt Government model Series 80 .45ACP

We can build this thing together, and track the progress right here on the blog! I want to start with a single-stack frame (because if you need more than a couple of seven-round magazines you're in the wrong movie, Cowboy) - I'm going out here for suggestions or advice on which frame reader's prefer, mainspring, etc. The trigger group & barrel are the heart & soul of the gun of course; I'd like to know your advice on sights and grips as well.

Custom M1911 clone, made on STI frame and Colt slide .45ACP

I look forward to hearing what you've all got to say . . .

- Sean Linnane



  1. Double or Single Stack?
    Ambi or not?
    Concealed carry at times or not?
    Bullseye, race, reliability?
    Aesthetic tastes?
    Preferred grip size, grip safety style (speed bumps or not, as beavertail is pretty much a given except for CC guns)?
    Shoot better or worse with flat mainspring housing?

    Answers to those questions would help guide parts choices a lot.

  2. Just buy this bad boy:


  3. Success seems to have gone to Kimber's head, and I've heard several complaints about quality and customer service. Dan Wesson 1911s are the best-kept secret in the industry, but the sleeper in the current crop is the Para-Ordnance GI Expert. It's not an exact copy of a mil-spec 1911, but it has everything you need, and nothing you don't.

    I've always bought the Gov't Model Colts or the basic Springfields, and tweaked them to suit, usually changing just one thing at a time until I get it just the way I want it. (Then some jerk will ask if it's for sale, I'll quote him a stupid price, and he'll pull out his checkbook. Then I'm back to square one.)

    Building a 1911 is a fun project, and something that is well within the ability of anyone with a room-temperature IQ, and enough manual dexterity to eat soup. Patience is a key virtue, as is the possession of (among other books) Kuhnhausen's book on the 1911.

    And once you get it built, don't let anyone else shoot it, or they'll try to buy it!

  4. My five year old Kimbers are very good.
    My project '11 will have a lot of Cylinder & Slide parts.

  5. Saw this ad today and thought it might be of interest to someone looking for an inexpensive 1911 to work on.
    http://www.gunsamerica.com//962207548/Guns/Pistols/1911-Pistol-Copies/1911A1_45_ACP_Rock_Island_Mil_Spec_Armscor_Philippines_NIB.htm?wl=1# R Imholz

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