Thursday, May 6, 2010


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  1. Disturbing, disgusting, but not surprising.

    People wonder why I'd rather deal with the Las Vegas summers than live in California. This is one example.

  2. My wife went to that high school. Class of '86. It has always been mostly Mexican. Morgan Hill sits at the southern end of San Jose (mostly Mexican) and has traditionally been an agricultural area.

    The kids she went to school with decades ago were all illegal or the children of illegals who worked as farm hands. Morgan Hill became a bedroom community filled with estates and upperclass commuters back then and has only grown since.

    I can imagine the tensions between the poor farmers and the rich suburban whites continues to this day. This is just a sign of the future of California, a state filled with people who identify as non-Americans. It used to work, until everyone was told that they are more equal than others, and all strictly based on race. It's just gone down hill from there.

    After all, La Raza means "the Race" and California is part of Aztlan, which some Mexicans claim as a separate nation, kind of like Palestine and Palestinians.