Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last week we were presented with the spectacle of President Calderon of Mexico preaching to the United State Congress about - get this - Human Rights - concerning the tough new laws in Arizona. Anybody with the least amount of knowledge of how Mexico goes about business knows what a sick joke this is; what DIDN'T make a lot of headlines is Congressman Tom McClintock from California, calling out President Calderon and his adoring Democrat fan club in the Congress out on their hypocrisy . . .

What was better still was this incredible interview by Wolf Blitzer - who knows what got into Wolfie - where President Calderon contradicts himself and everything he'd said earlier in the day in front of Congress:

". . . if somebody do that, without permission, we send back, we send back them . . ."

What we are witnessing here, people, is a World Class Idiot. Obviously that State Dinner the previous night came with a price tag, and that price was for Señor Calderon to be a sock puppet for Barry Obama.

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  1. Have you seen this?http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=15497
    Its an article about how THEY are going to open up the borders to allow easier shipping into the US.
    Click on the Midcontinent map and you can see the extent of the "inroads" this group has made already.
    the short version of this whole thing is:
    Goods come out of China and land in Mexico, then the goods are trucked into the central part of America and Canada, where all the good shoppers of Walmart will be able to purchase these cheaper products.
    Goods from China=cheap/slave labor manufactored, none of the material is EPA approaved (can you say lead in paint?)
    shipped into Mexico= bypassing American wharfs so as to bypass the AFLCIO/Teamsters/Mafia dock workers (ok that may be a good thing), loaded on semis, rushed into the heartland of the US BEFORE they are even inspected.
    America=cheap goods for all the overweight central 'mericans to purchase from Wal-Mart. cheap goods to force down prices for legitimate American companies.
    And finally a steady eroding of our sovereign status. After this trade corrider goes in, the American psyche is tipped even furthur into "We Are The World" mode.
    All of the staunch Americans out here are guffawing over the stupidity of the dimocrats in the House. But the younger generations don't even know WHY we are guffawing. They dont even have a clue as to the basis for this country. They are already indoctrinated into the obama mystique and the world attitude. And they are wondering what the big fuss is over this jug headed dictator.
    Sigh, I guess all I can do is try to spread the word about the slow encroachment of things like this corridor.