Saturday, May 29, 2010


Taking advantage of some "Hurry Up & Wait" time while I'm On The Road to fool around with the capabilities of modern electronic communications . . . Meg the Techie and Sidekick Noah over at FrumForum gave me some technical guidance - showed me a starting point - and so I did a "Tweet" to:

. . . but forgot to put the @sean_linnane hoo-yah before it.

Now I'm posting remotely - these remote posts & "tweets" will grow legs as I grow more accustomed to the three-dimensionality of the New Media.

To keep this post from developing into the "watching paint dry" category; here's the cool Site of the Day:

THE HILLS HAVE EYES came out the year I graduated high school - funny thing is I thought it was much earlier than that . . . and I swear if that isn't my buddy SKULLHEAD in that movie its his Evil Twin Brother . . .

More To Follow (as I get my head around this new technology) . . .
- Sean Linnane
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  1. Remember there is only one Skullhead and in the end one shall stand one shall fall. what ever happens i get the souls : Skullhead