Sunday, May 9, 2010


. . . to run an election that's harder than cricket to figure out:

Press Piles Pressure on Clegg to Decide

Sun May 9, 2:56 AM

LONDON (AFP) - Sunday newspapers said the key to forming a new government after the inconclusive election would depend on how far Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg would bend on electoral reform.

The Lib Dems key policy commitment is a switch to proportional representation -- which could prove the deciding factor in whether he plumps to back the Conservatives, who topped the polls, or Labour.

The Observer said the Lib Dems must turn to Labour, though Prime Minister Gordon Brown must quit as their leader for it to work.

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Maybe Theo can explain it . . .

- Sean Linnane


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  1. It seems the election is a choice between left, lefter and leftest.