Saturday, May 22, 2010


from the UK Telegraph:

British Troops in Afghanistan Given New Uniform

British troops serving in Afghanistan have been issued with a new-look camouflage - the first pattern change of its kind for more than 40 years.

Actually I'm more interested in what they've done to the SA-80 . . . I see they've adopted the ACOG 4X sight - that's GOT to be an improvement over that Cracker Jacks toy they originally had mounted . . . the 40mm grenade launcher looks suspiciously like it originated in the H&K factory I visited in Oberndorf . . . come to think of it the entire assault rifle package looks like the Wizards of Baden Württemberg worked it over - Sean Linnane



  1. SA 80 is still CRAP.

    Designed by the Ignorant, Built by the Incompetent, Issued to the Unfortunate.--Pete Bloom

    (perhaps one of the best Riflemen every produced by the UK, even wrote a book about it, out of print but worth a read)

    Author of "Practical Rifle Marksmanship" and all around good guy.

    Friend in the UK forces says they should kibosh all of the damn things and sell them to p-dog shooters such as myself because we've figured out how to make Brens Semi TACK DRIVERS and the semi-LMG version of the 80 is a tack driver too. Just stop issuing them to his troops. Be a win-win, as they could get decent rifles with the money earned selling them to yanks that will fix the rifle like we did with the Stoner platform, yanks would get good varminters, oh, and he wouldn't have to order anybody to carry them...

  2. But they are the most accurate piece of crap foisted on troops. I want a LMG version to convert to semi to shoot p-dogs :-) Got an AUG and a couple AUG-alikes and I've figgered out how to make the triggers nice :-)

    I can make a closed bolt firing Bren do sub half MOA with WW II barrels. I bet I could make a SA LMG do under 1/4 MOA...fooking state department won't let us import them for that purpose, UNLESS, we get a contract to make US snipper raffles :-)