Saturday, March 24, 2012


The United States has had traitors in every war we've been in - this war is no different - S.L.

American terrorist SSG Robert Bales charged with 17 counts of murder in Afghanistan massacre

Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was charged Friday with 17 counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder, along with other charges, in connection with a shooting rampage in two southern Afghanistan villages that shocked Americans back home and further roiled U.S.-Afghan relations.

The charges come almost two weeks after the massacre in which Bales allegedly left his base in the early morning hours and shot Afghan civilians, including women and nine children, while they slept in their beds, then burned some of the bodies.

By staff and news services


On February 2, 2012 a military judge ruled that American terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan (نضال مالك حسن‎) will stand trial on June 12, 2012. Lt.Col. Kris Poppe, Hasan's lead attorney, said the request to delay the trial was "purely a matter of necessity of adequate time for pretrial preparation". The prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

Hasan continues to receive paychecks and medical expenses are paid by the military.


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  1. They both need to face firing squads. And sooner rather than later in the case of Hassan.

  2. Sorry to say Hassan will not face a firing squad. That wouldn't be PC. They'll find he was suffering from PTSD from watching YouTube videos of Apachie helos taking out Tangos.

    Bates is going to be the lone "sacrificial lamb"!

  3. Hasan should be worm food by now. Enough is enough. Put him down now. But you are right PC is PC.

  4. I think that the best thing would be is to have Bates declared mentally defective and placed in a mental ward for the rest of his life. (I think that he just saw too much and the pressure just got to him.) Then figure out a way so that his family gets some cash so that they do not wind up on the street.
    Hasan on the other hand needs to stand in front of a Court Martial and hear the music. Because he is an Officer and that he has not contributed anything near what Bates has given to the cause. But I am afraid that this will not happen. Because of different spanks for different ranks & because of PC.

  5. Watch, on potus/holder watch, the raghead will skate.
    Bates will do life, as he should.

  6. Apples and oranges..... I am not sure I see the connection between Hussein and Bales.

    However, that said, both deserve the death penalty IF convicted of the crimes with which they are charged.

    1. The connection is that they are both terrorists. The only difference is their target audience. Think about it.