Thursday, March 15, 2012


This table comes from a report by Shanea J. Watkins, Phd, originally posted on the Heritage Foundation website, 21 August 2008.

The findings here - that the majortiy of recruits and officers are from the upper financial tiers of our society - flies in the face of the oft-repeated Liberal myth that America's wars are fought by the poorest members of society, who cannot afford to go to college and gain entry to a better career.

In other words, people who go into the military are too stupid to do anything else, and therefore the military is like a form of Welfare. I have actually heard people say this right to my face.

These statistics and data analysis are in keeping with my own personal observations during my service in the Combat Arms from 1983 to 2008; (82d Airborne Division - Infantry - 5 years; Special Forces 20 years. - S.L.

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  1. Dad's a Lt. Col (retired). His cousin retired as a three star (pointer too). Cousin's dad retired as a major. Neighbor's kid didn't know what he wanted to do yet and enlisted in the military (USMC) and made E-4 before he was 18. Took his dad 8 years to make E-4. You see any stupid there? I don't. I could quote examples of how stupid thinking military folk are stupid till my fingers fell off and that's just close family and friends. Neighbor kid really DID NOT KNOW what he wanted to do and so going to college on a roll of the dice he picked the right major wouldn't have made sense. Oh, did I mention he graduated from high school with honors at seventeen (and enlisted the next day)? He's a good soldier and after he settles down and has a better idea of what he wants to do, IF HE DOESN'T GO LIFER, he will go to college. BTW, 3 star in the family was a pointer for his BA, but he got his MA and MD WHILE a soldier. Such a moron they made him base commander of Ft Sam for many years... Yah, just a bunch of stupid poor people. Some people just don't know, do they?